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7 Top tips to help you grow your Facebook page

7 Top tips to help you grow your Facebook page

These seven tips are perfect for those of you wanting to grow your facebook page!  If you have struggled with what to do with your page, this is where you can start!  I show you the exact tips I use every single day on my own Facebook Page.  Not only am I growing my business but, I am establishing a relationship with customers just like you!

As you know, in business (and in life) relationships are very important!  In the good ole’ days we knew our local baker, our friendly neighbor was the butcher down the street, and the chocolate milkshake our children enjoyed was from the local drugstore, where you knew everyone behind the counter and always asked how their family were doing! This is the relationship we all crave to have with anyone we do business with!  If you take care of your clients and get to know them, ask about their family! You only do yourself a favor in the end…because you will better know your client and what they want! (umm, plus they will feel connected to you…bonus!)

I’m going to share my top seven tips for Facebook. These aren’t some tips I made up last night. These are actual tips that I use every day in my own business that have really helped grow my page and my interactions with my clients (both ideal clients and those who actually reached out and paid me for my services).


1.Interact with your fans on a daily basis.

This includes asking your clients and fans questions in posts, answering comments and messages, and trying to find out what it is they truly need, not what you think they need.

2. It’s not all business – mix it up with cute images, personal questions, and maybe even a “Good Morning”!

Should you share your personal life 24/7? NO! Don’t misuse your business page as your personal page but, having a picture of your family vacation, your cute mutts, or even the new kitchen project you are working on can really help people relate with you. These days people want connection, it’s what they get on social media for to begin with (and maybe be nosey, ha!). Give them a connection and maybe even a reason to speak to you. Just because it’s personal doesn’t mean it can’t lead to business.

3. Mix up your cover photo, maybe change it with the seasons or a special you are offering.

I do this about once a month and every time I have a special, new service, or sometimes at holidays. I’ve noticed that switching out my cover image actually increases engagement on my entire page. I’ll get a bunch of likes on my cover image and my profile image and then for the next few days my other images are way higher in engagement than usual. Extra tip: add text to your cover and profile images, think of including a small about me and a link to your website or latest optin/special.

4. DO NOT be negative Nancy or…negative Ned! Are you mad? Call a friend and vent!

I mean, I really shouldn’t even have to mention this…but, I do! I’ve seen this go from bad to worse very quickly. I’ve even seen past clients make this mistake and end up making alot of customers angry for venting. Is business hard? Yes! Do some people just drive you crazy? Yes! Do you need to tell everyone on your page? NO!!!! One thousand times NO! This will instantly turn-off some of your other clients who might be interested in working with you. Instead, figure out how you can motivate someone or be a positive influence.

5.Don’t be afraid to show off your work/what you do!

You should be proud of what you do! You’re talented and you’ve made the effort to create whatever it is you’re doing. Good for you…give yourself a pat on the back. Now, go promote yourself! One of the things I did when I first started was just expect people to go to my website, find what I was selling, and buy it. That’s not how it works. (Plus, who wants to by from someone who isn’t even confident in their own work). Show everyone your products, your services…promote what you do! It’s scary at times but, if you want to make money and have a job instead of a hobby you’ve got to make sure you do this.

6. Post frequently & consistently!

This is more important now than ever. With changes to social media algorithms you really want to be consistent so that your reach stays up and you don’t have to work to get your engagement back up after you decide to ‘chill and netflix’ for 30 days in a row and leave all social media behind. Not to worry though, you still have time for Netflix…just use a social media tool to keep your content going while your chillin. I recommend posting 2-3 times per day although that could change as the algorithms change. Right now I am loving Meet Edgar to schedule my Facebook and Twitter posts.

7. Share content….but not too much.

This is a big question I get asked – what types of content should I be sharing? Should I just post a link to my website 4 times per day? The answer is easy and you may have heard of this before. The 80/20 rule. 80% of the time share non-promotional content. This can be your content, someone elses or just general content that isn’t considered trying to sell to someone. 20% of the time you should share your sales page,  your opt-in offer, a product or service link.

A social media toolkit all-in-one so you can rock your social accounts with confidence.

What do you think about these tips? Are you doing this already? If not, can you implement it?




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