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Blogging for your business!

Blogging for your business!

Blogging is great for your business, but as some of my clients have said ‘What in the heck would I blog about?’.  One of the things I have heard from my clients is that they don’t know what to blog about when they just sell jewelry or are a service company.  No worries!  I’m here to help.  I’ve divided this up into three separate categories.  Boutiques, Services, and Direct Marketing Companies. Read all of them for tips and ideas or skip ahead to the category that bests fits your business.

Start by growing your email list

You’ll want to start with your email list and grow your list so you have clients that you can send your blog to.  I am shocked by the number of businesses that do not have a newsletter sign up form or even an account for email marketing.  I recommend using Aweber, it is very easy and you can change your sign up forms, integrate with Facebook…etc.  You can grow this by having a sign up form on all your social media accounts, at the end of your order form, and on your website.

You should add each new order to your email list (on automation, of course!). This is really simple, for example I have a statement at the end of my website that ‘all orders will be added to our email list‘.  This makes it simple and of course…they can always unsubscribe but from what I’ve found, that rarely happens. They have ordered from your business so they obviously love your products, services, etc.  Another great tip for driving traffic to sign up is using a call to action on Facebook.  One of the biggest and best tips I’ve ever gotten is not to have ‘sign up for our newsletter’ as your call to action.  Be creative!  Make them want to sign up.

Here are a few examples:

  • Get our weekly recipes to help you lose weight and keep it off – Health/Weight loss Blog
  • Weekly motivation to lose that weight and feel better – Health/Weight loss Blog
  • Sign up for 20% off your next order – Boutique Blog
  • Get our best tips to creating the perfect outfit – Boutique Blog
  • Get DIY repairs for you house – Repairs/Services Blog
  • Tips to keep your yard green all year round – Services Blog
  • Seven tips for choosing the perfect gift – Boutique or Direct Marketing Blogs (think Thirty-One or Avon, etc)
  • Weekly tips to quick flawless beauty tips – Beauty Blog
  • Get our FREE video for Wedding day makeup – Beauty Blog

Blogging for Boutiques

Whether you have an array of items or you only sell clothes or just jewelry, these tips will help you broaden your blog posts and help you keep your email list from unsubscribing.  One of the biggest reasons people unsubscribe is not necessarily because they are not interested in your products so much as you cram emails and sales down their throats.  Get creative!  Don’t send out emails every week (or more) on a sale.  Offering 20% off this necklace today, 15% off this shirt tomorrow…all that does is make your clients expect a sale.  You want them to enjoy a sale once a month or less.  Instead, keep them active or maybe even entice them to buy without saying ‘buy, buy, buy’.  If you have a new set of earrings you’ve made or purchase wholesale, show a few outfits that they go with (maybe a day and a night outfit).

Feel free to insert a call to action at the end (which means you better be showcasing your items not other people’s).  To do this insert a link at the bottom ‘Like this necklace? Click here’, ‘Gotta have this shirt? Get it here’.  What you are doing is not just helping clients find fun outfits (like Pinterest) you are also showcasing your own items and in return, may see the item still sold without the ‘sale’.  I can’t tell you how many times I have unsubscribed from a blog or list because I receive DAILY emails on products and sales.  We are all busy these days, your idea should be to stay in front of your client without making them hate you! Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a sale or special! Don’t misunderstand.  Just do it sparingly.   ‘We just got a ton of these gorgeous turquoise earrings in stock so we are offering 10% off to our email list only’, ‘This weekend only get this **holiday** shirt 20% off’..etc.  Again, get creative!!

 Blogging for DM (direct marketers)

Think C, Thirty-One, Plexus Slim, Rodan and Fields…the list these days is ENDLESS! As someone who has an account with a direct marketing company, I can tell you that this is easier than you think! You’ll definitely want a website with a blog, sign up form, contact form, about me, and a tab that sends your perspective clients to your direct marketing company website (such as  This can be fun because you can get creative and again if you read the above ’boutique tips’ you’ll know you can still showcase your products and include a call to action button to purchase the product.  Just a few examples of what to blog about and how to make a call to action:

  • AdvoCare/Plexus/Thrive, etc: This delicious smoothie is low-fat and tastes great too –  link back to certain product to get energy, an ingredient in the recipe, etc.
  • Thirty-One, Initials Inc, etc: Get your kids geared up with essential back to school items – link back to an item or several items that are ‘essential for back to school’
  • Rodan & Fields/Beauty Products etc: Write about beauty tips and tricks or ‘5 days to no foundation’ etc – link back to a certain product (if you are showing how to do  your eyes, link to a mascara…if you are writing about 5 days to no foundation, link to the best skin care items for this).

Writing each week can become difficult but as I say, get creative.  Ask what your clients would want on your Facebook page.  From time to time you see me ask ‘anything you’d like to know about this week?’.  One of the most popular beauty blogs I follow always asks her Facebook & Instagram followers what they’d like to see next.  This is brilliant because you are giving your clients and potential customers exactly what they want.  Be sure to have a sign up form not only on your website, but on  your Facebook page as well and always add clients that order from you to your list.

Blogging for Service Companies

Service companies are a wide group.  I offer graphic design services and my clients offer services such as asphalt sealing, exterminations, and residential and commercial construction.  Although some of them might not have specific items to purchase like I do, some of them might.  An exterminator might have some at-home or in-between bug repellent spray.  A commercial or residential construction company can send out tips or tricks for your house or business, etc and then every now and then offer a special discount on a certain service (this is great for seasonal items…you don’t want to paint a house in the middle of winter).  I’ve seen very successful blogs for Dentists that wrote about just above everything you can think of….stories, tips, and discounts on services.  He is successful and keeps his clients because he stays in front of them, even gains new clients from the tips and service discounts.

You wouldn’t think a dentist could have a successful blog but if done right and not all about selling you can!  Again, get creative and write about what you’d like to know as a customer.  If you can’t think of anything either ask what they want (via social media pages) or use the information your clients have handed to you in the past with their most asked questions.  Be sure not to only offer sales or your clients will expected either a discount all the time or for you to always have sales.

Try to get as creative as possible and find out what they want to know the most and that will help them stay subscribed to your list.  Another trick to grow your list (other than social media, blog, website, etc) is adding previous clients and customers.  If you use invoices add a small sentence to the bottom ‘check here to be added to our list for tips and occasional specials’ or ‘all clients will be added to our newsletter list to receive our latest specials and tips for **whatever**.   Once you do something like this set a certain time to go through your customers invoices and add to your email address.  Depending on your how busy you are I’d add them once a week or once a month.

A few last tips…

If you don’t have an email marketing account get one now: I like Aweber!

Be specific in who you are targeting with your blogs. The more specific you are the better. It doesn’t mean that you can’t write about other topics but overall the majority of the topics you write about should be specific to who you are targeting and what you provide them. You want them to want more from you (hello, upgrading from free content to paid products). Don’t be afraid to truly give value, that’s when people want what you have – because they know you’ll give your best.

I’ll say it again: Get Creative!  Write about what your customers want or need.  Make sure it relates to your business 90% of the time.  You want to be in the back of their mind when they think ‘I need a logo’ oh yeah…Southern Seven.  ‘I need to have my house painted’, oh yeah I am on the list for ‘Your Painting Co’.

Be sure to occasionally send them back to your website where they can purchase products (especially if you are showcasing something) or contact you for a quote.

Blog weekly if you can and be sure to share it a few times a week on social media! If it helps, set your posts to be scheduled ahead of time.  I find it easier to stay ahead of the game…just in case I get behind or something comes up!  Sometimes it’s easier to write a few at one time then it is to stay on top of it each week.  Whatever works best for you!  Remember, the idea is to stay in front of clients and potential clients just enough to keep them interested  – I highly do not recommend sending them emails daily unless the are signing up for a daily special you are running ’30 days of holiday outfits’, ’10 days to a greener yard’, etc.

I’d love to know if you are just starting blogging what you plan on blogging about or if you are already blogging, what niche you’re in. << see what I did…call to action, now go create yours.

xo, Christy Jo

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