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Confidence in your Business!

Confidence in your Business!

You know the saying, ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.  This may very well apply to myself in my business in the past. However, my goal is to help other businesses so that they don’t struggle with the same things I have.  As with anything, Confidence is Key! The same goes for your business.  As I speak to each client and I get to know them on a more personal level I tend to find that they all feel the same way as I did in the beginning.

Too often when we start a business in the back of our minds we think ‘Will people actually want to buy this?’.  Of course they will! If you like it, chances are there is someone who shares your same taste.  A lot of time I think what we get caught up in is that we expect everyone to like it. When they don’t, we immediately feel like we have failed. This is really because we do not realize we have to find our ideal client.  Coca-Cola is not loved by everyone, but they are a very successful company.  I myself, love LOVE love Dr. Pepper.  I am not an ideal customer for Coca-Cola! The same goes for your business.  I don’t care what you sell….not everyone is going to be a fan and that’s okay!

If you own a business and you sell tutus for little girls, not every mother with a little girl is your client.  The same goes for any business really! Even direct marketing businesses such as AdvoCare, Plexus, Rodan & Fields, and so on.  Not everyone will want to use your product and that’s okay.  But don’t worry, I’m not here to just tell you that not everyone loves your products – I do actually have a point!


Although we know deep down that not everyone will love the product or service that we offer, it seems when they turn down our products and services it kind of hits home a little bit.  We feel like we have failed. That’s where the confidence comes in.  You have to know that other people will love your products or your services and your business will grow.  Starting out is hard, but weeding out the people who aren’t your clients is actually a positive step towards finding the ones that do and growing your business.

So how do you grow your business, get turned down, and have confidence?  It’s not easy, let me tell you!  Adding to the fact somewhere in your life chances are someone is telling you this is the craziest idea and you won’t make money (or something very similar to this).  From what I have found from speaking with my clients more people are against their ideas than they are for them! So looking to others to build you up and give you confidence is probably not the best place to start.  You’ve got to start within yourself.  I’ll say it again…You’ve got to start with confidence in yourself and your product or service.

Know that your passion is given to you for a reason and you can (and will!) succeed with a little confidence and hard work.  It will take time (sometimes more time than we planned) but the quickest way to fail is to not give yourself enough credit and tank! Trust me! I learned this the hard-way.

Here are just a few of the thoughts I had in the beginning:

  • I can’t charge what they charge
  • They know more people, so my business will never be that big (or busy)
  • I taught myself, so how can I know as much as everyone else
  • My friends and family think I’m crazy…am I?
  • Not everyone wants my products and services so I am failing

Now here is what I think:

  • I taught myself, so I worked hard and have actual real experience
  • My friends and family think I’m crazy – because I am…I’m just crazy enough to go after my dreams!
  • Not everyone wants my products and services but a lot of people LOVE my products and services
  • I can charge what I am worth
  • I don’t have to know very many people because the clients that love me send their friends to me

See the difference?  Change your mindset! Have confidence in yourself and your business.  If you have truly went after your passion, you know that thing that you have always dreamed of and you feel the strong pull towards…can’t get it out of your mind and have no explanation other than ‘I just know…this is what I’m supposed to do’.  That’s enough on its own to push you one step further!  All you have to do is find the people who LOVE what you have and build a relationship with them!  They will continue to love you and will see that you are confident in what you provide!

It’s not always easy, don’t get me wrong! It takes work and some days are a little harder than others, but you wake up the next morning with a renewed confidence and you  keep trying!

Are you feeling confident in your business or is this something you have also struggled with?

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