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Two Things to Boost Your Business Now

Two Things to Boost Your Business Now

Are you struggling with staying productive and being creative?  It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, being productive and creative is very important.  If you lack one of these chances are before you know it, you lack the other.  Staying productive helps me stay creative on marketing my business and what my clients needs are and vice-versa.  Staying creative helps me with my productivity and wanting to get things done!

Often times when my clients come to me with this problem they feel like everyone around them is so productive and creativity flows freely for them.  This is not always the case.  Trust me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE my friends! Everyone struggles with this from time to time, even successful business owners! Sometimes, thanks to social media others appear to have it all together and have the perfect life.  Usually, the more perfect it appears the more a disaster it is (not always the case though). The good news is that sometimes we just need a little refocus to get things back in order.  I promise if you implement these two things for one week you’ll see a HUGE difference. So what are you waiting for? Dive in by watching the video below!

To sum it up:

Stay Productive:

Stay productive by scheduling your day!  Find a planner to keep with you that helps you schedule out your day.  If you don’t love writing like I do and keeping up with a planner you can use your cell phone, outlook calendar, or try google calendar.  Google Calendar is great for those of you with a few employees, as they can see your schedule as well and add to it, etc.  Remember to schedule in all of your daily tasks! If you own a spray tanning business, you’ll want to schedule in your clients but ALSO (this is where a lot of people fail) schedule in your facebook marketing, time to check your emails, update your website, take a lunch, order new products, pick the kids up from school, contact advertising companies…whatever it is you have to do that day SCHEDULE IT IN, don’t just schedule client time.

Otherwise, you won’t stay on track!  I have even scheduled in Free time during the week (usually Friday afternoon).  I use that to do laundry, run get my nails done…whatever it is I want to do or feel I need to do!  Set a timer to do each project.  You can do this from your phone, desktop, or another device you use.  To stay on track while I am on my computer I use the Focus Booster App ( it really does help me to stay on track until that task is over and it’s time to either take a small break or move onto the next task.

Be Creative:

Chances are you have a million and one ideas running through your mind during the day (or if your a woman, at night while you are trying to sleep).  To help I suggest keeping a journal.  This doesn’t have to be your routine journal :Day One…My first client contacted me today.  It was awesome.  NO, this is for anything you need or want to jot down.  I use mine for ideas, business goals, things I don’t want to forget, inspirational quotes, notes to myself, and yes even diary type entries when I’m having a rough day!  Whether you use it several times a day or each morning while you sip coffee, it’s up to you! It is of course…YOUR journal to use as you please.

I’ve found while doing this I’ve had ideas three months ago for blog posts (I made a list of about 20 one day) that I’ve went back and looked at numerous times.  I’ve came up with names for the facebook group I started and other items I had ideas to create…long before I created them.  Today they are coming together with the help of my journal and looking back on the ideas and goals I had (and set) long ago.  Another great ideas is when you get stuck to stop what you are doing and write or draw in your journal for a few minutes…or even thirty and then trying again.  This has the same effect as going outside and taking a walk for me! Remember, the only rule in journaling – is that there are NO RULES!

In my video I use two things: One is a Eccolo journal from Staples in the World Traveler size (the larger one).  These come in different sizes and colors, which is awesome!  Plus, they are leather and make you feel like you aren’t writing in your 5th grade journal. The other is a Gallery Leather Family Planner.  The other planners do not have this layout and for some reason this is just my favorite (the Family Planner layout) because I can view my entire week at once and I just personally like the layout. These come in different colors and you can even have them personalized (perfect gift!).  Gallery Leather also has journals and other items.

Of course not every single thing I do will work for you.  You may have a few other things that are easier, however I do feel like you will get more done by scheduling your time out throughout the day and keeping track of ideas and goals you have along the way.

Another HUGE thing I learned was to NOT turn on the TV during the day (unless you use it as your music).  When I first started working at home I would get up and be productive, make lunch, sit down in front of the TV, and BAM! Three hours have passed and I’m still sitting there with my plate next to me staring at the TV.  If you ask me the TV is the WORST distraction…period (well, right up there with Facebook and Pinterest).

I want to know….

Do you have a hard time staying productive and being creative?  What are some tips and tricks you use?

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