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Why you need to have a business plan

Why you need to have a business plan

Do you have a business plan? I hope the answer to that questions is YES!  However, for most of you the answer is probably No.

I’m not talking about the thoughts in your head of what you want to do or accomplish and I’m not talking about what you take to your banker. I am talking about a full-fledged written in blood…ok, ok… written in your favorite pen, kind of business plan. If you don’t there is no better time like now to dive in and get started on it.

Why do I need a Business Plan?

One of the biggest things people wonder is why they need to write down their plan.  Research has shown that writing down goals and plans helps you to not only reach those goals but to be able to sit down and see if you reached those goals, surpassed them, or maybe haven’t quite gotten there yet…if that’s the case, keep trying and don’t give up!

By writing out your plan you’re putting it out there, not just assuming or thinking about it. When I come up with a plan and I know I want to grow my Facebook page by 100 people this month, I know I need around 25 people each week to join my page – which is about 3.5 per day! So if I average 3-5 people every day I’ll pass my goal. So instead of just concentrating on 100 people, I now have a plan. I’ll figure out how I’m going to reach 3.5 people every day (think: inviting from my email list, running ads, etc).

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Umm…what the hell is a Business Plan?

If you aren’t sure what a business plan is or you are just starting out, that’s ok.  A business plan is just what your plan is for your business and how you will grow it or reach your goals. Your goals can be monetary or non-monetary goals (such as growing your Facebook page). Truly it can be anything you want it to be (it is your business).  In the beginning for me, my business plan was a simple list of the 5 things I hoped to accomplish with my business.  I looked back after 6 months and was a bit sad that I had not reached all of the goals I set…however, the fact that I was building a business and my mentors ensured me it took time to build a business (and not everyone would support you) was enough for me at the time to keep going!

Of course now that I know more, I also realized that I did not have a clear plan. I just knew I wanted to reach a certain amount of people in a year and make a certain amount of money. I knew in my head that x per year broken down to 12 months was x amount but never wrote it down…I never put it on paper and more importantly I had no clear plan of how to reach that goal. Just tossed it out there and hope it stuck.

Current Day Plan

Now, my business plan is a little bit different.  It currently has an objective of what I want to do, accomplish, and what my business actually is and what I want to create. My plan also has short and long-term goals that I keep up with and track. I know how much I need to make each month, each week, and every day on average to reach those goals. I have something to work for other than tossing it in the air and hoping it lands in the right place.

Once that time has passed, I set my next goals accordingly.  Some goals I blow out of the water and others I don’t quite reach.  I usually feel satisfied that I am doing the best I can and take a lesson from not reaching a certain goal.  Then, I revamp that goal and go for it again.  I NEVER give up!

I encourage you to do this same thing!  T I’m talking about the business plan that tells you (and others) what you do, why you do it, and what you want to accomplish. Having this written down, checking in on it from time to time and revamping as needed is SO important!

What can you do!

Start right now…go ahead, I’ll wait!

It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, take perfection out of your business and throw it out the window because you will never reach anything if you are attempting at a 100% perfection rate. It just doesn’t exist. As you grow and learn, you’ll grow your business plan and learn how it best works for you!

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So, do you have a business plan? If not, will you start one? I’d love to know, leave me a comment below.

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