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Don’t Give Up!

Don’t Give Up!

Feeling like giving up? Don’t worry, it’s normal! Starting your own business – NOT always easy!  Sometimes you see people who just fall right into the perfect business and it takes right off and they make six figures every year! It doesn’t always work out that way for most of us though, for those that it does…good for you! I am so happy for you! For those of us that have to work our butts off and it seems like some days the entire world is against us – don’t fret!  It’s normal at times.

It also doesn’t help that at times it seems like your own family thinks you are crazy and you need to get a ‘real job’.  Finding support around you is not always easy, especially on the rough days.  Most people just do not understand your passion and your calling.  That’s okay!

Find Support

Find people who do support what you are doing (whether or not they understand what you are doing) and surround yourself with them during the rough days!  This is one of many reasons I don’t think you should be worried about the competition and what other people are doing but, instead you should be making friends with the competition, these are your peers now and they understand what you are going through more than anyone. Plus, maybe you can even help one another and collaborate in the future.

Find a Mentor – best decision I ever made! Now, those rough days are met with encouragement, support, and a little lift in my spirit with a simple email, Facebook message, or however I reach out.  Hiring a business coach was the best decision I ever made – and yes, my business coach has a business coach! The support you get is priceless.  PRICELESS!

Keep Going

Whatever you decide to do while building your business – DON’T GIVE UP! It does take time and work and if you don’t expect a bad day every now and then – you will def get knocked off your feet when they happen! Things don’t always work out perfectly…that’s okay. Don’t let striving for perfection hold you back!  And for the love of Pete do not get confused about other people’s success.  Too many times I hear someone talking about the success of another business. Funny thing about that, usually they struggle more than you do, you just don’t see it!  So, please don’t look at another business and think they automatically have it super easy and everything fell into place.  Chances are it didn’t happen that way for them either.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Pray! Pray!…and Pray! some more.
  • Find and surround yourself with upbeat people who instantly change your mood and support you.
  • Get a Mentor/Business Coach that best fits you and your business.
  • Follow encouraging people on social media channels.
  • Don’t vent to people who you know do not support you (or those you know are going to be negative).
  • Get rid of Negative Nancy’s in your life (who wants friends like these anyways?).
  • Journal about your day (you should journal most days good or bad).
  • Expect days like this – you’ll get through it easier.
  • LAUGH – sometimes nothing works out for an entire week and all I can do is laugh it off.
  • Don’t expect perfection all the time.
  • Expect less from yourself (we are so hard on ourselves these days!).

I hope these tips help you not only prepare for a bad day but get through one if you are experiencing it right now!  Whatever you do, Don’t Give Up! Keep living your dreams and your passions! You know what you are called to do! You know deep in your heart what your passion is.  Lastly, remember…tomorrow is another day!

xo, Christy Jo

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