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What to do when negative comments stick like waterproof mascara

What to do when negative comments stick like waterproof mascara

Have you ever noticed how negativity is kind of like waterproof mascara? I mean if you’re a man – you are scratching your head thinking, ‘what the heck!’.  Hear me out! Waterproof mascara just sticks to your lashes like glue. Regular soap and water just doesn’t really do the trick when it comes to trying to get it off.  Negativity is kind of the same way! You hear something that just sticks like glue and you can’t shake it off…no matter how much soap and water you use to try and get it off…there it is.  Even when you think you’ve gotten it all off you wake up the next morning with a clear sign you didn’t get it all.

Just as negativity is like waterproof mascara, positivity is the same as regular mascara.  Throughout your day a little might fall off here and there.  You just hope it lasts all day without coming all the way off….and if something should happen (a few tears, allergies) there it goes…slowly but surely coming right off!  At the end of the day after a little soap and water its gone, just like that!  Now, don’t get me wrong here…this isn’t a campaign for a good mascara. Just a point, so stay with me.

Throughout our life we treat negativity the same as waterproof mascara…it sticks to us and the next day, not matter how much we’ve tried to get it all off, some if it is still around. I hate this!  We can have 10 friends tell us that we are awesome at what we do and one tell us we won’t ever make it or the worst…should just get a real job (and to make matters worse it probably came from someone close to us who we really value the opinion of).  At the end of the day the positivity just washes right down the drain.  Gone, just like that!  Left behind is that little bit of negativity.  Stuck like glue!! The next morning, we get up and there it is…right in the mirror, that little piece of negative stuck on our face staring right back at us.

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We tend to not really notice that out of the ten positive things we heard that day, the one we held on to was that wonderful negative comment! Before you realize it, that comment has changed your mood, sets the tone of your day, and can make you doubt yourself.  This not only applies to your life and your attitude but, your business as well! Negative comments are so hard to shake off!  Once you let them in, they can stick around for a long time.  Stuck in the back of your head…front and center ahead of all the positive comments you’ve received!

You have no idea how much this can influence your business and its success (or lack of)! I encourage you this week to open your journal and write down positive comments you receive. I’ve gone as far as write down ones that really touched me on an index card and pin it to my mirror or somewhere I see it every day.  As soon as you realize that you are thinking about a negative comment someone said , open your journal.  Read and re-read the positive comments you’ve received over and over again.  Don’t let the negative be front and center – use whatever you can to get rid of it! Wash it off well, making sure you get each and every bit of it.  Then, let it wash away right down the sink.  Don’t give energy to negative comments, give your energy to positive comments! Don’t get me wrong, the wrong comment from the right person can sting like a bee! Your job is to let it go, don’t let it stick like waterproof mascara!

Be blessed and more importantly – be positive!

xo, Christy Jo


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