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Facebook Marketing

Using your Facebook page as a free tool to market your business can be very rewarding, especially during the holidays!  Now, don’t get me wrong…while it is free to have a Facebook page, investing in Facebook like ads and website click ads is not free!  I do recommend using ads – just make sure you are using them the right way by targeting your potential clients and customers or you could end up with a bunch of empty likes and wasted money.  Nobody wants that!  Look for more on target marketing to come at the beginning of 2015.  Till then, here are a few things you can do to market your business this Holiday Season, or anytime!

What you can do!

Post several times a day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! This is so very important and will increase your engagement and post views if done daily, otherwise you’ll see huge decreases (and sadly, it doesn’t bump back up overnight should you slack off).  This is so important, I cannot stress this enough.  You’ll want to mix up your posts depending on your type of business. As a rule of thumb you should post 3-4 times per day and use the 80/20 rule.  80% of your posts should be customer engagement such as motivation, awesome quotes, images, etc that are related to your field but none-sales images. You can narrow in on your field here of course and post things related to your type of business.  Only 20% of your posts each day should be selling.

I see boutiques posting non-stop every day to only sell, sell, sell, SALE! This is not something I recommend and it does not work for very many businesses, especially those that are small and unknown.  If you notice businesses like this succeeding, you’ll also typically see that they have a huge following and have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of likes (or fans). The reason this works for them is because they have already created a relationship with their customers.  For example Gypsy Soule is a great example – they have created a great relationship with their clients and are very well-known.  Even they mix up their posts, but if they wanted too they could post anything and everything they wanted (people love them!).

Create Relationships

Your main focus should be creating this relationship with your customers and the 80% of that rule is one of the easiest steps you can take.  If you follow me on Facebook, you should see that I post quotes and images that are inspiring and motivational.  You would be surprised at the amount of time that I get responses from people (on and off of Facebook) that my posts touched them or just happened to be at the perfect moment.  I post these things because I relate to them, I feel my clients can relate (as building a business is not always unicorns and rainbows), and I am passionate about my clients succeeding.  Creating that relationship with your potential clients will open a door.

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Now, before you start screaming about posting every day and the time you will have to put into this remember two things – time you put into your business is always rewarded AND schedule your posts.  You can schedule your posts a week in advance or even two!  I recommend you do this all at once.  You can typically sit down and post one weeks worth in an hour or less.  Set a timer, sit down at your computer with not distractions, schedule out your posts, and be done with it! Right now I use Meet Edgar to schedule my Facebook posts!

Extra Tips

One other thing that I shouldn’t have to say but, I will! Do not post negativity on your page or any drama!  It does not look good on you! Although at times I would like to publicly vent or scorn someone on Facebook (or in the square downtown…you know, whatever!), I refrain…take a deep breath, and take the road less traveled.  Drama + Business = Failure! Don’t be fooled, while some may jump on  your band wagon and follow suite, swords in the air…you risk the chance of losing potential lifetime customers.  It’s not worth it in the long run for your business.

Another important factor in your Facebook marketing is the overall look and feel of your page.  Just as you would have a gorgeous branded website, you will always want the same for your Facebook page.  When a new client clicks on your page for the first time – this may be the only opportunity you have to make a good impression.  On an average most people look over your page and make a decision in 7 seconds. Yes, seven (7) seconds! Make it a good impression. First of all, your cover images and profile pictures should be branded to match your logo, business cards, website,…whatever you have as best as possible (this goes for direct marketing individuals as well).  This creates brand recognition! Secondly, the about and other information on your page should include a clear message on who and what! Who: Who you are.  What: What you offer.  If this message is not clear, people could become very confused on what you are selling.  Also, make sure that your web address is clear visible as well.

An important part of your business Facebook page is your cover image photo.  This should not be a photo that is not properly sized and outside of the proportions of the cover image space.  You should be sure to include your website (if you have one…I hope you do!) and any contact information (based off the type of business you have such as local address, phone number, email, etc). This image can be fun but, keep in mind it is the overall brand of your business. It’s the same as your website or your business card! Feel free to change this up and keep it current.  You can add pictures of your products, your latest sale or special, or simply provide a holiday greeting. 

If your business is branded to you, you might want to include a photo here as well.  Having that recognition and putting a face to a name is very successful and helps people to trust you.  It is proven that a photo of yourself can have more impact and relate-ability than a logo!

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I hope this information in some for or fashion has helped you.  I cannot stress how important it is to be consistent in your posting and using the 80/20 rule.  If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me by commenting below or clicking here.  We also offer free marketing consultations and would love to take a quick look over your social media and let you know how you can rev up your page.  This is a free 20 minute phone call where we look over your Facebook page and can offer any suggestions.

xo, Christy Jo

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