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Setting Goals for your Business!

Setting Goals for your Business!

This month we are discussing planning ahead!  A major part of planning the year is looking at your goals.  From long-term, short-term, and everything in between…I’m here to help you tackle these for the year so that come Midnight you are celebrating more than another New Year!

Long Term Goals

Setting long-term goals is very important for knowing where you want your business to be in a year (or even more).  Some people even come up with a five-year plan.  The first step is setting your goal and deciding how you can reach this goal. Although you might not know what you are going to do each and every single day to reach that long-term goal, having an overall plan is key.  Then, you’ll break this goal down as you dive deeper into your months.

What I like to do is set my goal, so for example if I want to make $120K this year (just an easy number), I can write that down when I’m planning my goals ‘Make $120,000 this year!’.  Then, I’ll break it down.  Each month I’ll need to make $10,000 to reach this goal by the end of the year.  So when you review your plans for the next month and you only made $9K, you know the next month in order to reach $120K at the end of the year, you should reach for $11K this month.  Then, set your promotions and marketing to reflect this change.

I think one of the biggest reasons New Years resolutions are not reached is because January 1 we write in our journal things like ‘Lose 50lbs this year’, ‘Make $120K this year’, ‘Buy a house’, etc.  Then, we close our journal and move on. Come Dec 31st we seem shocked (or probably not surprised anymore at this point!) that we have once again not reached a goal or resolution.  The main reason is that we don’t break this down.  If you want to lose 50 lbs you should work on small mini goals each and every month…even down to weeks!  You’ll need to know how much you should lose the first month, second month, etc.  How much will you work out?  Will you go to the gym certain days? Start an eating plan?

Guide to Planning your goals for the year.

This is why goal setting does not stop at writing down goals in our journals and closing them….exactly what I have done so many times in the past!  It doesn’t work!

Decide on a goal or several long-term goals you’d like to reach and then break them down in easy to reach (obtainable results) mini-goals!  Once you start reaching some of your mini-goals, such as making $10K in a month, don’t forget to celebrate!  Reaching a small mini-goal is how you get to the long-term goal and each accomplishment should be celebrated!

Short Term Goals

These can be so fun because we get to reach them so quickly – which means a celebration is in order soon! YAY!  Short-term goals are really no different from long-term goals.  Pretty much everything you’ve read this far applies to both!  Short-term goals do seem easier to reach at times due to the fact that we have more time to focus on them and remember them.  Although, if you are anything like me you have plenty of short-term goals that you definitely forgot about and ended up not reaching.

It takes the same planning for short-term goals as it does for the long ones.  One of the biggest short-term goals I think I’ve heard my entire life (my entire life being a girl, keep in mind!) is getting your body ready for that bikini after the winter season of eating all the Holiday goodies and warm feel good food like Chicken N Dumplins.  Just as you would set a goal to lose weight over a year, you can set a goal to lose weight over a short period of time.  So if you’d like to lose 20lbs by Spring, you know that you have to work at this every week until then.  If we are working on a four-month time period we can break that down into 5lbs each month.  Which means that we need to lose a little more than one pound a week, depending on the month!

Setting that goal and sticking to it can be so much easier than just focusing on the larger picture.  I know for some this seems scary because all we see every day is LOSE TWENTY POUNDS, that alone can become very overwhelming but breaking it down (and actually taking the steps to break it down) makes it so much easier! Plus, again…celebrating each week when you reach the goals you have set!

Setting Business Goals!

While setting personal goals is always important, of course we want to set our business goals and get ready to knock 2015 out of the park! Your goals should include how much you want to make this year (being sure to include how much you need to make), any new things you want to do or learn that relate to your business, adding new people or outsourcing certain roles, and even carrying over some goals from last year that you might not have reached.  The sky is the limit.

One key to help you reach your goals: set obtainable goals!  If you made $20K in 2013, $30K in 2014, and in 2015 you want to make $600K…you have not set an obtainable goal.  Setting higher goals is okay and we all know that we can become overnight success stories but make sure that your goals are set in a way that you can reach them without stressing yourself out.  Then, set the systems each month to reach these goals.

What to do when you miss a goal

You know the quote ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!’.  This is a reminder that we don’t always reach our exact goals but landing among the stars is still an achievement in itself.  If you were reaching for goals that you missed, relax.  It’s okay!  I have run a successful business by both; blowing goals out of the water and falling short of them. Just remember, when you are growing your business it’s normal to experience both ups and downs. That is just part of owning a business.

If you’ve set a goal in the past or miss one in the future, don’t beat yourself up!  Set another goal and try again! That is the most important thing you can remember.  Do not give up! Do not give up!! I cannot express how important this is.  Just because you failed to reach a goal does not mean that you have failed in business.  It just means that you are human and trying again proves that you can fight for your business!

Guide to Planning your goals for the year.

When setting your goals this year keep this quote in mind! “Shoot for the moon!  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!”

Happy Goal Setting!




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