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How to create a plan for your business

How to create a plan for your business

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten all of the ideas out of your head on what you’d like to accomplish this year. It can seem very overwhelming and exciting (at the same time) when you are creating a plan. When you look at your page (or if you are like me…pages) of goals and plans for your business or your life, it’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable. Putting it all together and figuring out how you are going to reach these goals is your next step.  This week I’m going to help you uncover a few ways you can set yourself up to actually reach these goals and plans you have for your business instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping it all works out.

Each quarter I create a marketing plan for myself.  I can’t tell you the difference between doing this and just winging it!  Not only do I know what to focus on – my marketing actually makes sense now (which in turn helps my business).  Too many businesses fail because they don’t have a plan.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.

Most of the businesses that I have dealt with that were not succeeding did not have a plan and that includes my business when I first started out.  Many of the small business owners I speak too actually want to get out of the corporate 9-5 and be their own boss.  They have dreams of creating something big and immediately focus on the product they offer and how much money they can make.  I always tell my clients if you are looking to get rich quick, you are not at the right place.  Get rich quick schemes usually do not get you very far.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Do small businesses hit the jackpot and have so much success they can’t even believe it?  YES!  When you speak with these business owners what they have done is Work Hard, Focus on Marketing (and get rid of what isn’t working), and think about their future.

Thinking about your future is where your marketing plan comes in!

So if you are wanting to focus more on your future and growing your business, I’d suggest creating a plan of action that you can focus on each month, week, day…whatever works best for you.  This is how you will know that your goal is to grow your Facebook page by 1,000 fans, grow your email marketing list to X, or bring in an extra amount of money.  Your plan allows you to create the ways you will grow your page, grow your list, or bring in that extra money.

Whether you are going to grow your Facebook page or your list, you can come up with the marketing that will get you there.  So if you are wanting to grow your page….creating some Facebook ads might be the way to go for you.  You’ll need to know how much on the ads you should spend in the month of X to get those 1,000 extra fans….and you’ll also want to make sure you are targeting the right people so that you are not wasting your money on empty likes (the 80 year old that ‘likes’ your page but won’t be wearing baby clothes and has no grand-children for example). This is your marketing plan!  You can dive as deep as you want each month into your plan!

I encourage you to start your own plan this month and focus on the coming months/year.  What do you want to achieve this year? Usually that is the only step people take…it’s usually easy to say I want to achieve $10K/month this year.  The ‘How will I achieve $10K/month’ is usually the part that clients miss, meaning at the end of the year they end up frustrated because they feel like they have failed, when in fact they never really even planned anything to fail at! Remember that building a business takes time, a plan, and very hard work!!

Success you get quickly tends to leave just as fast. Long term success, the kind that lasts for years, takes years to create. – Jon Acuff

Guide to Planning your goals for the year.

I’d love to know….are you creating a plan for your business and if so, how are you keeping yourself on track?



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