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Social Media Planning for your Business

Social Media Planning for your Business

We are wrapping up our month of planning and of course I could not leave out social media, as it plays a huge part in the success of many of today’s businesses.  As you know, I’m very passionate about having a plan!  Without it, I would sill be running in circles without any purpose.   The minute I came up with a game plan…a strategy, BAM! Like a rocket! This does not mean that I have hit every single goal I have ever set.  Life is not perfect and we should not always expect it to be.  However, I have reached nearly all of them and that in itself is worth the extra time it took to plan my month and plan out my social media strategies.  Knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it just helps so much!

Depending on your business your strategies may be different from mine but ultimately the process is the same and works for any time of business.  I’ve seen success with boutiques, realtors, network marketing individuals, service based companies, and so many other small businesses.  Setting up your plan each month for social media will help you know what ads you should be running, who you should be targeting, and what type of posts you should be posting.

Where do you start?

One of the first things you should do is chose your platform or platform(s).  I would start by seeing where you or your company is already active.  Remember, if you add-on a social media platform you will need to commit to engaging on it.  I suggest using two to three in the long run, not anymore.  Unless you have a team of social media managers or someone hired specifically for that position, I’d save your strength…and sanity and only run two to three.  If you are just staring out, I’d find one and stick to it for a while.  However, I would like to note that if you may want to go ahead and grab your handle or user id now so that these are not taken later down the road.  You’ll want to get your YouTube channel, Pinterest account, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all of your other platforms in your name so that you do not have to worry about this later down the road.  This will help you to keep your branding consistent. From there, I’d pick what you are familiar with or have traffic on currently and get to posting!

Success on social media requires a huge commitment.  Posting three days a week will NOT cut it! Skipping days and not posting will drastically reduce your engagement rate and it will take several days (if not weeks) to build that back up.  Especially when it comes to Facebook! Make sure you are committed to posting on your chosen social accounts daily! Look into ways that you can schedule your posts so that you are able to do several at once (I plan my posts two weeks in advance and check in daily).

Planning out your posts is so important!  Hopefully you have set up a marketing plan of some sort and you will want to promote what is going on in your business during that time.  For instance, if you are having a huge sale for all of your fall items coming into spring – you need to let your audience know! Scheduling your posts to know that on X date you will be promoting your fall items will help you know what kind of content you need to be creating.  Sticking to content that is specific to  your industry and what is being promoted will help the awareness with your audience.
A social media toolkit all-in-one so you can rock your social accounts with confidence.Next Steps

Once your chosen platforms start to grow you will be ready to tackle other social media platforms.  This can be overwhelming to most business owners.  Typically you go into business because you are good at what you do or are passionate about (photography, selling homes, clothing/styling, etc).  You do not go into business because you are into social media (unless you are a social media manager and in that case…ignore this sentence), so outsourcing these tasks will allow you to spend more time on what you are good at and/or passionate about!

If you are new at planning I encourage you today to set out a plan for the upcoming week and schedule your posts.  You have no idea how amazing it will feel to have your posts done and off your task list for the week.  It’s the best feeling – plus you get to mark something off of your list and you have one less thing to worry about it.  Keep in mind what your goals are, what you are trying to achieve, and where you’d like to be in the future.  This will help you keep your posts content specific to your industry and your future goals…otherwise, you are just posting randomly and with no goal in sight…you’ll feel like you are continually running in circles and not really getting anywhere.

Tools I love to help me plan:

  • Meet Edgar – to plan my social media posts (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Aweber to plan and schedule my emails
  • Latergramme to schedule my Instagram posts from my iPhone, this is not a true scheduler action is still require on your part at the time of posting

I’d love to hear about your goals or what you are accomplishing wanting to accomplish this year that you are excited about! If you don’t plan share with me below what’s stopping you.

Happy Planning!!

xo, Christy Jo

A social media toolkit all-in-one so you can rock your social accounts with confidence.


  • I have now switched from Aweber to ConvertKit but, if you’re just starting out I recommend you start with Aweber, as ConvertKit is a little more advanced than Aweber is for those who are just starting out and might feel like they aren’t sure what they are doing.
  • Latergramme is now called Later but, other apps are starting to use Instagram scheduling and I intend to look into them, specifically Buffer.
  • Tailwind is great for scheduling Pinterest pins, you’ll want to research this more…training will be coming in the future.
  • A content plugin for WordPress can help you schedule and organize your blog posts.

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