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Why your business needs a brand

Why your business needs a brand

A lot of times my clients come to me confused and unsure of what they should do to ‘brand’ their business.  Starting a new business, figuring out what products you should sell, how you should sell or market your business, and 900 other priorities sometimes can fall before branding.  Today, I want to focus on the importance of not only a brand for a new business but also for those of you who are already settled into your role as business owner.

If you have a fluent brand that you love, AWESOME!!!  There is nothing better than loving your logo and your branding because you shouldn’t be shy about handing out that business card! If this is where you are, congratulations, you’ve made a very important step towards becoming successful and staying in business for years to come.  If you do not have a unique brand of your own…keep reading!

What a Brand can do for you

Branding is so important in establishing yourself as a unique business.  Not only does it set you apart from the rest of the Herd but it also helps you to look professional.  In this day and age of schemes, identity theft, and other shady things we have to watch for and protect ourselves from, it is important to look professional.  When you have a professional brand (logo, website, marketing materials), not only do you look like someone who is invested in your business, you also look like someone who could be more trustworthy! That, is important enough in itself.  Not to mention that people who are comfortable doing business with a brand they trust, will continue to do business with them in the future and share their favorite brands with their friends and family.  If for nothing else, this should be reason enough alone to have a fluent brand.

I know that building a brand (or business in general) is not cheap! However, if you do not have a brand I encourage you to start saving now in order to have one just as soon as it is possible.  If you don’t start today, you might never start.

It is said that 85% of new business do not last past their third year, most of the businesses that do will have invested in a brand/logo and presented their business as a professional, trustworthy place to do business.  This includes people who are in network (or direct) marketing.  These people should focus on branding themselves and treating what they do – as a business!  Most of the people who start selling AdvoCare, Thrive, Plexus, Beach Body, Rodan & Fields, My Thirty-One, Initials Inc, Mary Kay, Avon…you get the point…do not succeed because of two reasons: 1) they get into it to make a quick buck and have no desire or heart built into building a business and 2) they do not brand themselves distinctively from the rest of the Herd! Don’t let this be you!  If you are involved in a MLM company and have not branded yourself, how will you ever stand out from the other many individuals.  What makes someone want to do business with you, instead of the next Jane or Joe that is selling the same exact thing?  You should create a brand and work on standing out from the herd, no matter what business you are in!

When creating your brand, keep in mind who you are and what your company wants to be today, tomorrow, and next year!  Most of the makeovers I have done are because initially, it was not what the client wanted to represent.  Make sure you do research  and find someone to work with that has a unique style that is similar to what you think you’d like your design style to be.  Be Authentic! Find what you want.  I even know other designers who will ask on their questionnaires ‘Who will be providing feedback for this design?’. They know that friends and family can talk you into things that do not represent you! Keep this in mind.

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Reasons to have a brand

  • Attract clients – more clients will feel like you are a professional.
  • To Stand out from the Herd – Yes, there are thousands of other network marketers, beauty consultants, graphic designers, wedding planners, boutiques, etc…your brand sets you apart!
  • Establish yourself – no you aren’t sitting at home working 8 hours for FUN, you’re trying to earn a living and create a job – so act like it. Having a brand says I have a business (a real one).
  • To brand yourself – if you are in network marketing this is important, you should be branding yourself not piggy-backing off of another brand that could decide close down or you simply change your mind about
  • Credibility – having a brand gives people the feeling you’re the real deal and they won’t be sending their money to someone in a basement scamming people.
  • Show your personality/style – so many people actually resonate with this and will choose a company because they relate to the style of the brand
  • To be memorable – create a lasting impression by having someone remember your branding or certain aspects of it.

Have you created a brand yet? I’d love to know if you have and if not, what’s keeping you from taking the leap.

xo, christy jo





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