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Importance of a Logo for any type of business

Importance of a Logo for any type of business

Your brand is more than your logo, but your logo is an important part of your brand identity.  It is the symbol of your business, yourself, or an idea.

Your logo should be able to encompass the entire look and feel of your business while being memorable and eye-catching!

I cannot stress the importance of a logo, especially in today’s market of businesses and entrepreneurs that are popping up, almost overnight. When you desire to build an empire and STAY in business for years to come, you should especially pay close attention to the way you brand your business and the way you market it.

Creating a logo for your business should be something that you invest time and effort into, so that you can become recognizable and look like a professional business (even if you are faking it till you make it)!

You should want to differentiate yourself from the Herd! Why would you want to blend in? Why would you want to look like the other photographer in your town? Why would you want to like the other weight-loss experts?  Why would you want to mirror the other boutiques that offer the same products you do?  YOU DON’T!! You want to stand out and BE DIFFERENT!  Don’t let your fear hold you back from being different and standing out.  Create a unique look that will help your followers to know that you are different, unique, and take business serious!

Don’t forget, while your logo is greatly important to your business, when used alone it can only do so much.  Keep in mind that when you are trying to reach success in your business and build an empire, your entire brand identity is the key to standing out and creating success.  This, and of course….your marketing.

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What if you’re just getting started

Having a logo doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars unless you want too and your business can afford it. Usually, small businesses that are just getting started (especially WHAM’s) don’t have thousands to spend on a logo. Even if you do have it, you usually want to save it for a rainy day or until you start making a good income. Plus, if you’re starting a business that sells products that extra cash can come in handy!

There are a ton of ways to get started without spending a fortune. Sites like 99designs, Elance, etc can help you get started by hiring someone. You can also view places like Creative Market or Etsy to start your search. If you’re a small, unique business that’s more than likely one individual you really don’t have to have more than this, although you certainly can! A good logo can attract all the right type of people to your brand so easily.

Having the wrong logo or one that really does look like you paid $10 for it is not the best route to go for sustainability. Chances are, you’ll be looking to upgrade quicker than you think. Nobody knows your budget like you do. So the best thing you can do is start somewhere. If a $10 logo is all you can afford right now do research and find someone selling a premade logo that actually looks good. I would never recommend a logo that cheap but, I’d rather you get that than have nothing at all (or even worse, use comic sans and create your own in word!). Start where you can and work up. Do you research and find someone you really love that can create a professional brand for you when you’re ready!

What if I’m not sure my business will work out

When we first start a business we always have a little thought in our head (ok, for some maybe a big thought) of ‘this may not even last 2 days’. Regardless of the fears you have and regardless of how big and scary it seems, treat your business as a business not a hobby. That means investing in things like logos, print materials, products, etc. I’ll say it again, this is a business not a hobby so you should absolutely treat it as such. You’ll be glad you did later down the road!

If all else fails and it’s just not in the cards for your business to be a success you will know you always gave it 100% and treated it as a business. No Regrets! 😉

How often can I change my brand

This varies really! It depends on where you are. If you have a consistent and professional brand, changing it can be a lot harder. If you have a cheap brand that isn’t great and you change it up just a little, going up and spending more each time, you’ll want to actually make the changes and improve. Now, if you have spent the money and truly have the right branding you should take a re-brand serious.

Whatever reputation you have created and the mark you’ve made on your customers, you’ll want to keep that and encompass it in your new brand. There is always room for improvement and I know on a personal standpoint (compared to a corporation) we can tire of our brands a lot easier and quicker. Just make sure you take your time and do it the right way! Not only will you waste your time having to change it again right after a re-brand, you’ll likely waste money! Always find someone who you like working with and love their stuff that they already create.

Don’t expect to hire someone who makes nothing even close to your brand and may not be able to do that type of work and then be upset with them that they cannot create it. Do the research, look at their portfolio. Of course the best idea would be to find someone who you resonate with and allow them to be your designer from day one!

Again, I just want to add that even if you have a network marketing business you should still brand yourself! I know you probably think you’ll never leave Plexus but in two years you could have an audience, people on your email list, a true business and decide that you want to be a health coach and start selling Beachbody! If you’ve created a page called Plexus by Christy, you’re going to have to completely re-brand yourself. It won’t be as easy! Plus, having your own brand makes it easier to grow your customer base and your down-line…so there’s always that!

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