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Follow your passion in life and you’ll find your purpose

Follow your passion in life and you’ll find your purpose

Passion, a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something. My question to you today is, Do you have enthusiasm or excitement for what you’re doing?

One of the things that bothers me the most about seeing people build their businesses today is the reason they are building their business. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurs, specifically women trying to build their own business and I will do anything I can to help them have success.

The thing is, so many people are starting a home-based business (a large majority of it Direct Sales) simply because they saw someone else have success with it. The problem with this is that they usually end up failing and in return they become somewhat bitter about direct sales or home-based businesses. ‘They just don’t work.’, is a common misconception that I hear. Sadly, I hear it from women who have already attempted to build a business on their own.

So where do they go wrong? Well, for starters lets look at one of the very first mistakes people make when they go into business.  The do it for the wrong reasons. How many times has someone approached you about trying to become a consultant or director for a MLM (direct sales) company? I know personally, I get the standard introductory email or Facebook messages from friends who just started out with a network marketing company and they are looking for others to build their team. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not putting these people down. But, for the most part when someone joins their team it’s because they think they can easily and quickly make money working less than 40 hours per week. So again, where do they go wrong?

When you start a business {any business} it requires time, effort, hard work, usually an investment of some sort, and…wait for it….PASSION! Usually people are okay with putting some hard-work into things they hate (hello women…scrubbing toilets, doing dishes, laundry) but that’s not fun! I don’t know about you but I love when my toilets are clean but that sure as heck does not mean I enjoy cleaning them! When you’re going to choose a career, you really need to have some passion because without it, you’re eventually going to feel the same way about your business as you do about scrubbing toilets.

I always ask my clients (and friends/family that approach me asking about new ventures) why? WHY do you want to do this? The lady that lost 50lbs on AdvoCare, who had amazing results and changed her life with her weight loss and then in return, paid off her car with the money she made from…losing weight and sharing her story…that’s passion! She wants to help others! Whether it’s losing 10lbs, 100 lbs, or showing you how you too can pay off your car, she is passionate about helping others and sharing what worked for her!  This is something I can get behind, support, and help build success with. Because of this ladies passion, all I need to do is teach her a few things about emails, marketing, Facebook, etc and she’s not got the passion and the rest of the puzzle pieces to be successful. Heck, she may even be successful without my marketing, solely based on how passionate she is and how much she cares about changing other women’s lives.

Often, this is not the response or answer I get. A lot of the time my heart sinks because I hear answers like ‘Well, Jill made enough money to pay off her car so I guess I should try it too.’ or a common one…’Because Jill is pushing me to sell her MLM product.’ Whoa! Stop right there. That’s not a reason to start a business. Are you passionate enough to talk about this to everyone you meet? Do you have a story (stories sell, facts tell!) of how this product helped you? Have you even used the dang products? <—- The answer to this one is usually NO, and that’s not good. If you were opening a storefront, you’d sure as heck want to know what products you were selling, what they did, and surely to goodness you’d want to like them as well. How can you sell something that you don’t know anything about? How can you sell something that you have no passion, no reason to sell?

I see successful businesses all the time. I know someone who has a very successful fence building company. This is a family business, they are knowledgeable in building fences, different types of wires, the ground, what fence goes best with what you need (just having a boundary fence vs keeping livestock in). Now, I see this success and I don’t think ‘I should be a fence-builder’. Not only would I have a lot to learn before I did this (meaning even if I had any inkling to build fences, I’d need to learn about it before I started my company tomorrow morning), I’d also have no desire to build fences, It’s not a passion of mine. I wouldn’t enjoy it! So you can assume that the chances of me having a successful fencing company that I was passionate about….are slim to none! However, if I am interested in it and knowledgeable, and have a WHY, then I have a chance of being successful. This is the piece most people are missing.

This doesn’t mean you can’t start a business! Just remember to try to find something that you’re passionate about! Find something that interests you. If you’re going to have to put work into building something – do it in something that doesn’t make you feel like you’re scrubbing toilets!

{Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with scrubbing toilets, I’ve cleaned houses for money before and I am somewhat of a neat-freak so this is a great way to earn money and I actually would rather do that then dishes most days…so don’t take this out of context. This is what I don’t enjoy doing…Whatever your ‘dishes and toilets’ are in your life – that’s what I’m talking about here!}

I’d love to know…Have you ever joined a business like this or tried to start something that you weren’t passionate about? Are you asked to join businesses often? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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