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Why you need to create a marketing plan for your business

Why you need to create a marketing plan for your business

Marketing. Probably not why you got into business {unless you own a marketing company, of course} but you shouldn’t be running your business without a marketing plan!

Many of you have gotten into business because you LOVE what you do and marketing is not one of those things. However, it is absolutely important to the success of your business.

You did not get into business to have it last less than one year! You quit your job, pursued your dreams, went through struggles, and so much more that no one even knows about. You got into this so that you can create a future that you love and have more of what makes you happy (time, money, freedom…whatever that is for you).

The problem, you feel like you are all over the place with your marketing. You are struggling, you don’t feel like you have reached the ground you thought you would by this time, and you may even feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. Don’t!

The Solution

One of the biggest problems might just be that you are simply missing a marketing plan. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create a plan of attack on marketing your business. How can you achieve the results that you want if you don’t even have a solid plan to reach some goals and successfully start marketing your business?

You can’t grow your Facebook page by 1,000 people every month if you don’t have a plan to post daily, run Facebook like ads, and promote your page! It’s quite simple really. If you regularly run a Facebook like ad for around let’s say $0.50 per like and per 10 paid likes, you receive 10 more organic likes…you can plan on spending $250/month to reach your goal of 1,000. So you know that you need to run a like page ad and you know about how much you need to spend. {Please note, most like ads run cheaper than this and you will have to test your ads, targeting, and figure out an estimate of how many organic, meaning non-paid likes you are also getting through Facebook}.

It seems difficult but, I know that if I want to make $1,000 this month I need to sell 10-$100 items or 1,000-$1.00 items. In order to sell that many I know that each week I need to average 250-$1.00 items to reach my goal. So, how will I do that? What will my plan be?

You can run giveaways to grow your list and then send emails to promote your items, you can run Facebook ads for conversions, and you can boost some posts. Whatever it is that you decide, you won’t reach your goals if you don’t first create the plan to get there.

Each business is different! If you don’t have a plan, I suggest talking to someone who provides marketing plans and see if they can help you! Even reaching out to your local college can sometimes get you a free marketing plan. Just make sure that it is suited for your business! It might take a while to get it down and work out some kinks but once you start setting those goals and making a plan to reach it…you’ll feel like you are on FIRE!

If you want to create your own marketing plan, you can download a sample marketing plan from my Resource Library!

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So, tell me…do you have a marketing plan or are you just winging it?





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