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Strategically Social

Strategically Social

As business owners we tend to feel pulled in a hundred different directions. That means sometimes when it comes to things like posting on Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks we get a little frustrated and feel short on time which makes us just ‘throw’ something up to see if you can get a few likes out of it. But you don’t….and you cuss your Facebook page because your engagement is down and you don’t really see much of a point in posting because really…who is even seeing this?

If this is how you feel, don’t worry! You are no alone. In fact, I use to feel the exact same way. I felt frustrated so I just ‘threw’ some crap together, posted, it and then thought I had just wasted my precious time posting on Facebook…not to mention here in a minute I’m supposed to go back and post again so I can ‘increase my engagement’? What for? — Of course all of that was before had this social media thing down and before I was even successful. Looking back, how could I be successful when nothing was put together and I didn’t even have a plan? {obviously that’s why I wasn’t successful, one of the many reasons at the time.}

When it comes to posting on social media the first thing you should be doing is scheduling your posts. This is a life saver! Logging on to Facebook each and every time you need to post something is not the way to go. Not only are you wasting time doing it one at a time instead of batching/scheduling but you are also probably getting distracted by someone you knew in high school whose posting more drama again..or perhaps it’s just getting distracted by those funny puppy videos. Whatever it is, each time you get on you are probably doing something other than just posting on your page and getting off. This is why scheduling your posts is a great way to save you time. I schedule mine weeks in advance and then check in 1-2 times throughout the day to answer questions, make sure nothing is wrong, and see if I have any messages. Some of you (especially boutiques) may need to check in more if you get a lot more messages.

A social media toolkit all-in-one so you can rock your social accounts with confidence.

{Looking for a good Instagram scheduler: Hootesuite or Latergramme…both can schedule to Instagram from your cellphone, look for them in the app store. Hootesuite works great with Facebook and twitter also and you can schedule those from your desktop!}

So now that you are scheduling your posts you need to think about what you are scheduling. Don’t just still throw something up to get it done. If you are running a sale or special, make sure that you are advertising that through the span of the special. Send people to your website, your opt-in offer, showcase your services or specials. You’ll also want to make sure that you follow the 80/20 rule that I talk about so much. Don’t just focus on shoving your products down someones throat. Make sure that you are posting things that will increase your engagement and create connections.

If you aren’t sure how to increase engagement or create connections, think about what you like, share, and comment on. Is it a cute dog picture or video? Is it those cute little baby videos? Maybe it’s hunting stuff, posts about shoes, funny jokes, etc. Whatever it is that relates to you and you are enjoying, chances are your audience will enjoy it too. So many people think that posting a funny picture on a Facebook business page is just not what your business is about…it’s not! It’s about creating engagement and making connections. Oh, Sally the Business owner likes funny dog videos too…how awesome! Remember, higher engagement (likes, comments, and shares) create higher insights because it tells the powers that be behind Facebook that Tracy likes Sally’s page and should show her more of Sally’s stuff.

One more thing to keep in mind is posting at the right time. Most of us complain that it’s mid-January (or sometimes December 26th) and we are starting to see Valentines stuff. Remember to promote ahead of time. One of the mistakes that I see people making is waiting till it’s almost too late to start promoting certain offers. If you are selling a Valentines shirt, do not wait until the first of February to start promoting it – start earlier! This doesn’t mean you can’t continue to post it even after Valentines day but you should never wait till it’s almost too late! This is another (one of many I know!) reasons why creating a plan for your business is oh so important!

I’d love to know if this post helped you out. Please feel free to comment below and let me know if you are already scheduling your posts or if I’ve hopefully just encouraged you to start trying it out!

xo, Christy Jo

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