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Increase Your Engagement

Increase Your Engagement

If you use social media, chances are you’re very aware that lots of changes have been made not only in the past few months – but in the past few years.

So many of my clients are beyond frustrated with Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.

New platforms are also popping up so it’s quite tempting to ditch what’s not working (feels like it’s not working) and jump to the ‘new’. Now, don’t get me wrong here! New platforms are amazing to jump on when they first come out because you can start building your following from day one. But, you shouldn’t just up and ditch Facebook – ever.

First of all, many small business owners are bringing in tons of money each month because of Facebook and Facebook ads. So it’s safe to say that it’s pretty possible that it’s not that the system isn’t working but, possibly that you just don’t quite have it down yet.

Second, you should never ditch a popular social site for a new one. Trying new things is perfectly fine but leaving altogether could leave you in quite a pickle down the road when the ‘new’ wears off and everyone is back on the old. If you leave and ditch the popular site, it’s possible you’ll have to rebuild your engagement, trust, and brand all over again.

If you are feeling the need to ditch Facebook, I encourage you to try to increase your engagement instead.


There are simple things you can do daily that will start to build your engagement. The most important one is being consistent. Yep, it’s that simple! If you’re posting four times Monday, skip Tuesday, post once on Wed, and forget to post again for two more days you are not building up your engagement and you will see a decrease. If you build it back up and ditch it again, you’ll lose it all over again. You’ve got to be consistent. Plus, it builds up trust with people who see you ever day. Remember – you are a business! Show up every day.

If you’re worried about being on Facebook all day just schedule your posts. It’s not that hard at all and in fact, I prefer to sit down and schedule as opposed to constantly getting on to post. It keeps me ahead of the game, I stay consistent with my marketing plan, and I can ‘set it and forget it’ (anyone notice the late night infomercial reference there?).

 Mix it Up!

If you are constantly posting about your product chances are people are sick and tired of hearing about it. Mix it up! Don’t shove your products down your potential clients throats. Interact, create relationships, connect, build on that relationship you’ve created.

By sticking to the 80/20 Rule and posting 80% Non-Promotional posts and 20% Promotional posts you can increase your engagement because people are connected with you and interacting. Now, they care about you and your product. Use the 80/20 Rule daily!

Ask for it!

Don’t assume people will comment or share. Ask them!!!! Ask a question (a simple one) and ask readers to comment with an answer. For example “What is your favorite fruit, comment below and let me know!” See how simple that was! You can even put a personal touch on it..”What is your favorite fruit? Mines Strawberries, comment below and let me know what yours is”. Yes, it really is that simple.

If you post a great motivational image (especially one that is branded), ask your readers to share it if they love it! People cannot read your mind. ASK! What’s the least that can happen, they don’t share it? Oh well! No harm!!! Including a CTA (call to action) when you post, write a blog, or do anything in business is very important. Keep that in mind when creating your social media posts. {Note: See below!}

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