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Get more fans and grow your audience

Get more fans and grow your audience

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘How do I get more fans on my Facebook page?’. Although there are numerous ways you can go about this, you want to make sure that you do it the right way so that you attract the right people, not just anyone.

A big mistake most new businesses make is thinking that they need to add all of their friends and family to their Facebook page and get as many new likes as possible. This is actually not what you want to do (don’t worry, when I first started my business page over 5 years ago, I did the same thing!).

You want to make sure that the potential fans you have on your page are truly your ideal clients. Having big numbers is not your goal! It is better to have 5 truly ideal customers who are just in love with you and want what you have than it is to have 50 random people who just want to like your posts and see you do well and have NO desire to ever be a customer (or worse, they just aren’t suitable for your product).

Keep that in mind when you see those with huge pages and you secretly start wishing you had that success and start inviting every person you can find to be your Facebook friend so that you can invite them to like your page. Don’t be that person! Besides, wishing you had someone elses success is an entirely different problem and we ain’t got time for that today! 😉

Focus on building your page the right way! Doing this will help you achieve true success and not just look like you have some success.

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Here’s three ways you can increase your likes and grow your page the right way.

Tell them where you are!

Make sure that your website has a link to your Facebook page. If they are on your website, chances are they are into you sweetheart! Unless your mom is trying to find out what you are really doing at home all day in your sweatpants or your competition is sniffing you out…the people that are on your website are potential clients. If they like what they see don’t force them to have to message you or hunt you down.

Leave social media links on your website and make it very easy for them to keep following you! Take it a step further and let them share your articles (blog posts) by having share buttons on the bottom of your blog posts. Be sure to include all of your social channels and even a Pin-it button.

Invite them to join you!

Invite them in! If you have a newsletter/email list and have worked on growing it, chances are these people have come in from all directions (Facebook, other social media platforms, your website, etc). When you send out a newsletter you should make sure that you either specifically make a point to invite them to your Facebook page or you have your social media links somewhere inside of your email newsletter.

Don’t have an email list? Ummm, first of all…get to building one honey (you can thank me later for that one) and in the meantime, ask your current Facebook fans to share your page! Chances are if they like you…they have friends that will like you too!

Another great tip is to keep a link at the bottom of your email, yes…your business email address. Keeping your website address, social link, and whatever else is important to you below your email signature is a great source of traffic.

Spend some money, honey!

I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear but, this is the fastest way to build up your page, especially if you are a new business or do not have an email list yet.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money, just create a like page ad that is highly targeted. If you are selling women’s clothing, just ‘boosting’ a post to the entire Facebook universe is not the way to grow your page or promote your products. You want to be very specific and highly target your ads. I mean, you’ve got to spend your hard-earned dollars on that ‘like’ – make sure it’s a good one that might be a return on your investment! Make sure your ad is clear about what you do, provide, or sell. It should be similar to your brand so that it attracts the right kind of client or customer.

Oh, and for the love…don’t run an ad with just ‘Like my page’ {STOP IT!}. Be sure to give a short, sweet, and to the point sentence that will attract the right customer to like your page.

That’s it!
Simple, easy…just the way I like it. No need in stressing yourself out. Just remember…success takes time. Good things don’t usually pop up overnight (even if it looks like someone elses did!).

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