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Waterproof Mascara & Marketing Plans

Waterproof Mascara & Marketing Plans

What am I thankful for in my business? This week it is Waterproof Mascara & Marketing Plans!

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’ve talked about a few things:

  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Scheduling social media ahead of time
  • Planning out your blog posts
  • Creating an email list
  • Planning out your emails
  • Time management

There are so many reasons why I talk about creating these things in your business. Mostly because it creates more freedom and time in your business. You got into this to be free and to have the life that you dreamed of not to be a nightmare.

You want to wake up inspired and know what is on your plate for the day and get started on working on what’s next…not what you should have done yesterday! That’s why creating a marketing plan and getting things together is so important. Knowing where you are going and what you’re doing to bring in clients, customers, income,…you know…the things that make your business a success!

When you create these systems and put them into place you can wake up with confidence that your business is running…even if you want to get back into bed (or need too).

I know I’ve preached these things to my customers, in my blog posts, emails, and on social media! They are oh so important to running a business seamlessly and confidently.

Those are just the good reasons though!

What about the not so good reasons?

Last week on a Wednesday, I woke up and proceeded to my office (you know, at the other end of the house) when I received a phone call and got some very devastating news that two of some of my most favorite people were tragically killed early that morning. I won’t get into the details but as you can imagine…my world felt a little upside down. I honestly did not believe it just quite yet! The rest of my day flew by! I got no work done that day…well with the exception of one client phone call that was previously scheduled, I pulled myself together and went ahead and kept the meeting because I figured it might be nice to think about something else for 60 minutes!

The next day seemed just as crazy! My dog who was having some issues and I made her an appointment for the vet for the following day. I was still thinking about my dear friends and naturally still a little upset. I didn’t feel like myself and had a hard time getting into the groove all day. Other than returning some emails and scheduling my vet appointment, I still didn’t get much done. The good thing about it, from the outside my business seemed to be flowing pretty normally other than slower to respond to emails.

Friday morning I knew I needed to get to the vet and get home because I had two days of not working and it was almost the weekend. I was rushing out the door when I got an unexpected call that all of my websites were down as well as a few clients of mine and we both had Facebook ads running to our websites…oops! I quickly jumped on the phone and got it handled but I had a bad feeling that my day was starting off a little too crazy for my taste.

Now, for those of you who know me, you know my dogs are my only kids right now! I treat them like babies so it’s safe to say they are very important to me. While I was at the vet we decided to take some x-rays and the next thing I know we are rushing my dog to emergency surgery with a slim chance of her being okay.

I’ll save the details of this situation as well and just tell you that I lost my first dog that day. She was 15 and had cancer in the spleen and had spread to her liver. Again, I was devastated. She had been with me before I was married and right out of college (early 20’s). She was my first fur-baby so I took it pretty hard.

The rest of my day was not spent catching up on work or focused on the weeks to come but on going back to the vet to pick up my sweet dog and bring her home to bury her out by our barns. From the time I left the vets office knowing this was happening I did not think about my business again that day…but still, no one noticed!

I decided to take my weekend and recoup and just relax and rest. As you know, being emotional and crying kind of takes it out of you. I felt like I had run a marathon the previous week and I knew I wanted to be ready come Monday to tackle everything I had on my schedule.

When I returned back to my desk (still, just right down the hall) Monday I realized that other than a few client emails that were not returned as quickly as usual were really the only sign that anything might be ‘off’ or I might be missing from my business. That’s it! Everything still ran just as neat and pretty as it did the week before when I was sitting at my desk working and returning emails.

That’s why this week I’m thankful for Waterproof Mascara and Marketing Plans!

As you know, we all experience things from time to time in our life and it’s only a matter of time before something pops up that pulls you away from your business unexpectedly. It’s important to have systems (and at times waterproof mascara) in place so that more of your world doesn’t get turned upside down when you need a minute…or a few days.

Whether it’s a death in your family, waking up with a sick child you need to care for, or maybe just not feeling that great and knowing you might need a day of rest for yourself. Having a marketing plan and being ahead of the game with scheduled emails, blog posts, social media updates, and managing your time helps you to stay on track during normal days but it really helps you to let go and focus on something that might be a little more important during those crazy days.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this blog post!
Have you ever had to stop what you are doing and leave your business behind? I’d love to know how you handled it!
Are you set up to take a day or several off suddenly without the roof caving in? If not, are you considering implementing these things in order to have more flexibility?

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