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EEK! Discounting your Prices – Don’t work for FREE!

EEK! Discounting your Prices – Don’t work for FREE!

Working for FREE – it’s simple. Don’t do it! Just trust me on this one, I made that mistake and will never make it again!

When it comes to friends and family (or even just flat-out pushy people) you can easily feel like you need to work for free or sometimes they can make you feel like you should work for free!

One of the best ways you can fix this – be prepared!

This week I am going over how you can prepare yourself for these circumstances ahead of time! Check out my video and learn more about pricing your products for discounts and you friends!

Even if you haven’t crossed this bridge yet – it will most likely happen at some point in your business. Now, I’m not saying that you HAVE to have a friends and family discount. I am only saying that should you feel pressure to do it for free or discount your services…set it ahead of time.

This is your job and how you make your living. Because you are now self-employed you will be shocked at the people who expect you to do things for free. Like I said in the video…sometimes when it comes time to work with friends and family you are better off charging them more {wink, wink}.

Don’t be afraid to stand firm in your decisions. If you don’t get the job or project – so be it! I truly believe that we are not meant to work with everyone and typically friends and family can put extra stress and expectations on us that we are not capable of. They expect things quicker, to be done cheaper, and at times even expect it now.

Setting boundaries ahead of time will absolutely help you. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t do work for free…that’s absolutely your choice! In fact, I’ve traded a few things before and although my trading situation with one person was absolutely a nightmare…it’s been great with another person!

Just remember, at the end of the day this is your job! If you worked at the Wal-Mart you couldn’t let your friend walk out the door with free TV’s just because you worked there. This is the same thing – this is your JOB! Treat it as such and people, in return, will treat it as such! If they don’t…you don’t need to be working for them!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Let me know, have you had to deal with this…if so how did you handle it?

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