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Three reasons you need an Email List

Three reasons you need an Email List

Do you fall into the category of thinking that you don’t need an email list? Or possibly…you just don’t think you need one?

If that sounds like you, this week I’m sharing my top three reasons you need an email list!


#1 → It’s YOURS. You heard me…it’s yours! No matter what happens your email list belongs to you. Where your social media accounts and followers (or likers) are in no way owned by you. Should your social media accounts be closed, it’s goodbye business and hello starting over from scratch {umm, no thank you!}.

#2 → Build Relationships. People hate being sold too. That’s why you should use your email list to build relationships with potential clients/customers. It’s another way for them to get to know you. People love connecting – that is why so many people are on social media today.

#3 → Keep them up-to-date. Let your potential clients/customers know when you are releasing new products or services and when you have new content available. By sending out emails you can reach other people who might not have seen your latest social media posts or updates.

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