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Fire Up Your Facebook Marketing

Fire Up Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook, you gotta love it right? Well, I mean when it comes to your personal life…funny animal videos, things kids say, and stalking your exes new girlfriend…what…whaaat? It’s okay, we can keep that one just between us!

When it comes to business, we don’t love Facebook so much.

Limited post views, paying for ads, and boosting posts…ugh! No one is laughing now!

With all the business page frustrations, it’s easy to throw your hands in the air and move on down the road. Trust me, I get it! I feel your pain, sweetheart!

But (you knew there was a but coming didn’t you?), it’s actually a great way to make your business take off and become successful.

When it comes down to it – Facebook has nothing on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the many other social channels (snapchat, persicope, etc). It is the biggest platform with the MOST users! I know spending money on ads isn’t what you had planned but, when you think about it if it wasn’t for Facebook you’d be spending money on Billboards, Radio Ads, Google Ads, Commercials,…you get the point. {Might I add that now you also can spend money on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram…nothing in business is free. Never has been, never will be}.

Yes, there is a learning curve when it comes to running ads but, with the right training it can actually be quite simple. Once you get it figured out your income will skyrocket! Now instead of stalking watching funny videos, you’ll be jumping right into the ads manager, ready to make some money, honey!

So, how can you grow your business page and make money with it in a way that you will love it? I’m glad you asked!

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If you are just starting out on Facebook, you’ve really got to run a like ad. These are usually the lowest costing ads. In Facebook ad world there are several types of ads and several types of audiences (we will get to those in just a few moments). You want to get people on your page for one main reason – in case your exes girlfriend is stalking you so that you can have a warm audience. If you’ve already got a page with lots of happy likers, you’re good to go to move on to running other types of ads.

Before we go any further let me go over the two main types of audiences:

Cold Traffic – BURR! These are the people who have no clue who the heck you are! Not only do they not know of your awesomeness yet, they are less likely to click on your ad which can run your ad costs way the heck up!

Warm Traffic – These people know who you are. They are either on your email list, have liked your page, have opted into your lead magnet (your opt-in), or read your blog post…they are aware of your existence (I know, about time someone is, right?).

When you start running ads towards a warm traffic audience, it’s SO much better for your sales, your pocket-book, and of course…your sanity! But, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? They don’t just wake up, roll out of bed, and know who you are. So at some point in your ads you’ve got to take cold traffic to warm traffic.

The highest costing ads are called ‘Website Conversion’ Ads. This is where you are running ads with the intention of getting a conversion. That conversion could be to opt-in, purchase something, etc. These are ads you want to run towards warm traffic. Where most people go wrong and waste money – they run these ads towards cold traffic (GUILTY!!!). What if instead, you could run other, lower priced ads towards cold traffic and get them warmed up a bit before you target them with higher costing ads? Sounds simple, doesn’t it? šŸ˜‰

Again, if you don’t have any Facebook fans, you of course will want to run a like ad. This too, will warm up cold traffic. Someone who might not know who you are, can easily like your page. If you’ve already done the hard part and have a page with some fans, you can skip this part.

I recommend running like ads in the background (meaning, regardless of what other ads you are running) until you have at least 5,000 Facebook fans. This isn’t a rule…it’s a personal opinion! I like to do this for a few reasons.

  1. It is social proof!
  2. Getting into the psychology of things… people will feel like other people know, like, & trust you, so they can too!
  3. You have an audience (and audiences bring in value).
  4. You can turn those fans in to email subscribers easily than you can someone who doesn’t know who you are (that doesn’t like your page).
  5. Like ads are usually {if targeted correctly} a low-cost ad.

Depending on your budget, you can spend $5-$10 per day on like ads and consistently grow your audience. If you don’t have $5/day start at $1.00! Just start somewhere!

Types of Ads

  • Like Ads – get people to like your page.
  • Post Boost Ad – boost a post to your audience (only boost relevant posts, don’t waste your money on quote images!)
  • Website Clicks – get them to click a link (think spring sale or fall closeout, an informative {juicy} blog post, etc).
  • Website Conversion Ads – using pixels you can track an action (a conversion) such as signing up for your optin or purchasing something from you.

*These are not all of the ads in the ads manager but these are the most important ads and are ads I use in my day to day operations of my business.

Where people usually go wrong with Facebook Ads – Targeting!

Not knowing who exactly you should be targeting can kill a Facebook ad campaign – and your pocket-book!

Make sure that you are targeting the right pages and demographics that are ideal to you ideal client! This is the best way to get exposure to the right audience.

Now that you’ve read up on my favorite way to fire up your Facebook, you can get back to stalking watching funny videos on Facebook! šŸ˜‰

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