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Tools I use to manage my social media accounts

Tools I use to manage my social media accounts

Having tools that help you manage your business is priceless! Especially when it shaves off hours from your time because that means you can spend more time doing either focusing on tasks that make you money or something fun.

This week I’m sharing with you my favorite (as in can’t live without them) tools that help me manage my social media accounts. Keep in mind these are the tools I use for the social media channels I focus on the most! If you don’t use these as part of your marketing, you absolutely don’t have too. However, if you feel lead to swap over and add one of these channels to your marketing it’s going to be easy peasy…because it will be automated. {Gosh I just love that word automated!}


If you’re just getting started in business and you aren’t ready to invest in tools yet, Facebook allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time. What I love about this is that you can schedule them instead of having to stop every single day, every several hours and post, plus interact with your audience. When they first released this, I started using it immediately and loved it. The only downside, I spent HOURS each week scheduling either 1-2 weeks worth of posts at a time. It was easier than doing it as needed but, it was still a big chunk of time in my week.

Shortly after that, my life changed. Meet Edgar…no seriously,  you should meet him! He’s the second love of my life, after my Husband, of course! This little guy has truly changed my Facebook life. The best part, not only does he do Facebook, he can hook up with Twitter as well. Plus, I hear there are some big announcements on the way so I can’t see what else they are going to be able to do.

A social media toolkit all-in-one so you can rock your social accounts with confidence.
I know what you’re wondering…all scheduling apps are the same right? So what’s the big deal with Edgar? Well…Edgar doesn’t just schedule a post and then ‘poof’ it disappears for ever. He saves them and can re-use them. You can create different categories inside your Library and add content to it. Once you’ve added your content you can schedule out your week. So let’s say you want to have a category on Monday’s that post like ‘Motivational Images’, you can add as many images with or without text to that category and then schedule them at 9am every Monday. Edgar will then pull an image front hat category every Monday. If you only added 5 images, once it’s gone through the 5, it starts back over and re-uses the next image. So you never run out of content!

It takes some time to set it up, especially if you’re like me and wanted enough content for 6 months – 1 year for some categories but now that it’s done OH MY! Life changing! It’s a little pricier than some of the other scheduling tools but so worth it!


Like I said before Twitter is now a feature on Meet Edgar so I’ll be in the process of moving that over to Edgar soon. In the past I’ve been using Hootesuite to schedule my tweets and also have my Facebook page connected to my Twitter page so if anything goes on Facebook, it also posts to Twitter. But, every now and then you want to post specific stuff or have an actual photo show up so by using Hootesuite, I’ve been able to do this.


This is one that’s really been changing lately and I am currently testing some things out. In the past I have used Later (previously Latergramme), to set up my posts on my phone and schedule them. The app would then notify me on the date and time it was schedule to post and I would have to hit a button to post, it would copy the contents, open Instagram, and post.

Now, this is a lot of work and something that some scheduler’s still do. The good thing about this is that you can post ahead of time and you’re not fumbling to come up with something once or twice a day (which can be hard if you’re trying to grow your audience).

Hootesuite offers something similar and I’ve tested that out as well. Right now, I am testing out (still in the ‘free trial period’) a scheduler called Schedugram. It will actually post your grams for you. I haven’t had it long enough to actually have an opinion but, I thought it was important to let you know about it. I’ve also been told that will also schedule Instagram posts for you. This is something that I personally think will be easier in the future since Facebook purchased Instagram and everyone (especially business owners) loves them some pre-scheduled content!


I know what you’re thinking…did she just say Pinterest? Yep, good ole’ Pinterest! It’s the newest social channel that I’ve been using. Well, actually I don’t really consider it a social channel as much as a type of search-engine but, you know what I mean! This is pretty new to me and I’m really looking forward to jumping into Pinterest more as a source of traffic for my business and my blog.

So, if this is something new to you, having pins scheduled is for sure going to be new to you! Right now I am using something called Tailwind to schedule pins. It helps me to pin my content, as well as others. This helps me to grow my Pinterest account, my group boards, and increase my traffic to my blog. Crazy huh! Again, this is something very new to me and my business but, it’s something I’ll be teaching a class on in my membership group Southern Success Society soon. If you’d like to jump on the waiting list click here.

A social media toolkit all-in-one so you can rock your social accounts with confidence.

I’d love to know!

Are there tools that you use on your social media channels that help make your life easier? Tell me what they are in the comments below!







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