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How to balance your content on social media between promotional and non-promotional

How to balance your content on social media between promotional and non-promotional

The content you put on social media is so important! It can be the difference between someone liking your post or someone un-liking your page altogether. That’s why you need a good mix of promotional and non-promotional content. If you’re not mixing it up and focused only on selling every time you post, you’ll want to make sure that you make some changes and start including some non-promotional content.

Promotional Content

Promotional content is anything that promotes your business, products or services, or asks for something from your audience (like an email address). Promotional content is important because this is a business and we’ve got to make money, if we want to stay in business.

A good rule of thumb is to follow the 80/20 rule and post your promotional content only 20% of the time! You’ll post non-promotional the rest of the time. As always, there is an exception to every rule. If you have a boutique and you make money by posting outfits for people to leave their name/PayPal information below the post, then you probably will not follow this rule entirely. However, you still need to mix things up!

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What should you post

Ask for the sale! I mean, this is your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. So many people are actually scared to ask for a sale or promote their business, don’t be! Post things that you offer, whether that is services or products. If you have a website you’ll want to post the services or products and a link to your website so that they can purchase from you.

Opt-in offers! This is great to start building your email list. By posting an opt-in you are asking for their email in exchange for something that is free that your clients actually want and need. This can be printable PDF’s like checklists, guides, eBooks, etc. It can also be discounts or coupons that they get in exchange for their email address. By signing up for your list (such as a VIP list) you can provide them with a code to get a discount from your products or services or even something for free.

Sales and Specials. Occasional you should have sales and specials. They can be holiday related or just because you feel like having a discount. It’s best to be strategic about this and let people know that you are offering this special and how long the special will be available. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know. I know it sounds crazy but, I’ve actually had clients that don’t want to ‘bother’ their Facebook fans for twitter followers and will shy away from posting promotional content. If they don’t know, they can’t purchase it. Be sure to remind them a few times while the sale is going on…even if it means going a little over the 80/20 rule. I mean…I can’t remember where my phone is half the time, let alone that a sale I am interested in is ending soon.

Non-Promotional Content

This is where you can relax and have some fun! Non-promotional content can be things that you like, enjoy, find funny or even just find helpful! You should really mix it up by posting things that are related to your industry as well as just fun things that appeal to you or your ideal client. This is how you build engagement and interact with your fans. By posting things that they find funny or inspirational, you can turn potential clients into actual clients.

What should you post

Text-only posts. This is a great way to interact with your audience, especially on Facebook where it’s important to mix up the types of posts you should be posting. Use the text-only posts to talk about something that you have experienced or just simply ask your audience a question. I like to do this so that I can find out more about my ideal clients such as where they are in their business, what they’d like to learn next, or where they struggle. Then, I can provide content that I know they actually need and want.

Videos! Right now videos are on fire. Whether it’s a promotional post for non-promo post, videos are great to post right now. If you’re posting for non-promotional posts you can use anything from motivational videos to funny videos. It’s also a good note to do some videos of yourself like you would a blog post and offer tips to your audience. Work your way up doing Live videos and you’ll really see a huge increase in engagement.

Images. Something you should really invest in is your own images. You don’t even have to spend a ton to do this, you can spend a few dollars to purchase apps and make them yourself or even pay for PicMonkey or Canva and make your own (both programs are very low-cost!). Mix up your images from those you find or share and those that you’ve made with quotes, tips, etc on them that have your name, logo, or website url.

Blog Posts. This can border on promotional content very easily, especially if you have content upgrades (opt-in offers) placed inside of your blog posts. I really recommend that you only share one blog post per week. If you’re like me and write about one per week, this should be fairly easy. You can also mix it up and share other content from other blogs. Promoting other people is a great way for your audience to see you as the go-to girl in your industry. Although you don’t have to share others content, it is good use of non-promotional posts and helps your audience with the things they come to you for.

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Extra Tips

Post consistently! It doesn’t matter if you are posting non-promotional content or promotional content, if you’re not consistent it’s likely you’ll lose your audience and decrease your engagement (which you will have to work to build back up again).

Mix it up. You don’t have to be stuck in one thing. Mix it all up and find what works best for you and your audience. Depending on your industry your audience may like more helpful content than they do funny posts, and if you’re a boutique you might find that a 30/70 rule works best for you. You don’t know until you play around with it and figure out how many times you should post per day and how you should mix it up!

Have themed-days! Think: Follow Friday, Wednesday Wins, Tuesday Tips, etc. These types of posts are great because they can get people ton interact and when you are consistent with your posting, they will expect them.

Automate it! This is one of the best tips I can give you. Automating my posting truly changed my life and I’m pretty sure it’s part of why I was working so late every day. I mean you stop for 3 minutes to post on Facebook and you end up sucked into some time warp for three hours before you realize you still haven’t even posted your new blog! It can be very tiresome trying to post on your own and keep up with it. Find the best automated tools that work for you and your budget and automate it!

I’d love to know

Do you mix up your posts? What kind of content works best to build your engagement? Leave a comment below and let me know.

xo, Christy Jo




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