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Why you need a consistent brand on social media

Why you need a consistent brand on social media

Having a brand on social media is so important, just as having a brand period is important!

So many times I’ve been to what seemed like a professional businesses Facebook page only to see a profile and cover image picture that doesn’t even fit the space it’s in! I love shopping but, I’d much rather see some cute outfits with smiling faces than the bottom of someones dress and their legs. When I see that, I get the feeling your products or services might not be so professional. Don’t ruin a first impression with a lack of a brand!

Why you need a brand

This is so important. Like I said, you can ruin a good first impression by not having a brand. So many people are throwing up mom and pop shops overnight trying to make a change (in their life and in their income) but, so many of those people are not truly representing their business as a professional one. Don’t let that be you!

These days it’s easy to feel like you are one in a sea of millions of business owners trying to do the same things you are. Maybe, even selling the same things you are. Considering that not all businesses make it to success…this could very well be a problem for you but, it doesn’t have to be! Part of standing out from that sea of millions is representing yourself as a professional business. By treating your business like a business, you’re standing out from the herd! Don’t be like everyone else….treat this as a serious business and represent yourself well, you deserve it!

Another reason it is important, you create brand recognition. Nike has their signature swoosh that is recognizable anywhere. They don’t even have to include their name but, when you see it, you know it’s them! I can think of several people who have a boutique that have that brand recognition for me. I can also think of a few people who sell network marketing products but, they have branded themselves and I know it’s them every time I see their logo! This is so important because now, I can see a photo on Instagram and I know that they are blowing up online because someone has shared that photo with their logo/symbol on it. Brand recognition is a real thing y’all and it’s time to make sure you have it!

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Ways to brand your business on social media

Start with professional images! Whether you have some made or you grab some stock photos, make sure that they at least look good (meaning no grainy photos that you enlarged and made way too fuzzy). Even if you don’t have professional photos of yourself, you can still use your iPhone and have someone take some pictures for you. Don’t make it harder than it has to be, just try to go the extra step and make it look like you have a professional business. {Because they don’t have to know you work 9-5 during the day and make-shift your kitchen table into an office desk once the kids are off to sleep…oh hello ketchup stain on my calendar!}

Check the recommended sizes for each social media channel. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…they all have different size recommendations. By creating images and graphics that are these specific sizes, your images will look much better. Again, it doesn’t have to be hard! There are people on Etsy that with make them for you at a reasonable price or you can even download templates that will help you create something amazing with little effort. If you’re more of a DIY-er you can hop on PicMonkey or Canva and either use one of their templates or set the pixel size yourself! See, I told you it doesn’t have to be too hard!

Times are changing

Things really do seem to be changing by the minute when it comes to business and having a brand is going to be so much more important in the future. I had this post planned out, since I usually kind of plan my months around the topics I’ll be speaking about and what I’ll be doing…I had it noted that this particular week I’d be talking about this topic and I received an email from Facebook for Business talking about how now they are allowing you to run Facebook ads based on reach or on brand recognition. Talk about perfect timing!

Even Facebook knows the importance of a brand! They are pretty much telling you that they know people will react differently to brands that they know and are familiar with when they see an Ad for them. So, isn’t it time you started creating the same thing for your business?

I’d love to know

Do you have a brand that you stick to or is this something you’ve got to start working on?




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