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Five ways you can start building an email list

Five ways you can start building an email list

Today I want to show you five ways you can get started building your email list. It’s so important that you build a list but, I know a lot of people aren’t quite sure they need one. If you aren’t quite sure that about building a list or you think it might not be for your business, I recently went over the reasons you should be building an email list and you can check that out here.

Hopefully you understand why it’s so important to have an email list these days. Now, it’s time to start building that list and attracting those customers. I’ll share with you five different ways you can get started right now promoting your freebies (opt-in offers, lead magnets…whatever you’ve decided to call it).

By implementing these into your business and utilizing them, you’ll be surprised by how quickly your list starts to grow. Just keep in mind that this is something that can take time, so don’t give up!

Five Ways you can Build your Email List

#1 Promote your list on social media

When it comes to social media we are always thinking about promoting our products and/or services but, we rarely think about promoting our opt-in offer. It becomes a second thought because we are more focused on selling.

By changing your focus on social media to growing your list and leave your list to do the selling, you’ll actually start building your business and having more consistent sales (and growth).

There are several different ways that social media can help you grow your list. One of the best places to start is your description, about, and website. Of course all social channels are different but they all allow you to provide the URL of your business. A great tip is to put the URL of a landing page or opt-in page here instead of your regular website URL.

By entering your landing page URL over your website URL, you are directing all of your traffic to an opt-in offer that you’ve created and know that you’re ideal client is dying to have. Now, your clients will be signing up for your email list and getting more of YOU.

Another way you can use social media to grow your list is to actually post about your opt-in offer. While it’s certainly okay to post about your products and services you should still be posting about your amazing opt-in offer!

I recommend posting on Facebook and Instagram a few times per week and at least once per day on Twitter (all depending on how many times you actually are posting other things as well).  You can even take it a step further and use PicMonkey or Canva to design a graphic to post with your text.

Remember, if you’ve taken the time to create an opt-in offer (freebie, lead magnet) that you are sure your ideal clients will want then you should have no problem getting them to sign up for this offer. Just keep in mind that after a while, you might want to make changes, update it, or even come up with an entirely new offer.

#2 Create a landing page

Having an opt-in on your home page and other areas of your website is important but, it’s also important to create a landing page that is made up of only an attractive opt-in offer. This will keep your potential clients from being tempted to click on something else and getting distracted.

When you create a landing page you’ll have no logos, no menus, and no way to shop or purchase products. The only option will be to click the ‘x’ or to opt-in. This increases your chance of people signing up for your free offer (especially if you are sending qualified leads to this page).

It’s possible you’ve seen a landing page before if you’ve ever clicked on a Facebook Conversion Ad that someone was running. If so, you’ll notice that they were paying for traffic to go to that specific landing page and only giving them the option to sign up for something.

If you run Facebook Ads and you want to grow your list, it is imperative that you use a landing page in your Facebook ad. This way you are not wasting money on people clicking your website, reading a few blog posts, and leaving your site without ever signing up for your offer.

Now, I know you are probably wondering how in the world you create something like this. It’s actually easier than you think. If you are tech-savvy you can create a sub-domain and create a website that’s entirely for opt-in offers. If you aren’t on the tech-savvy side or simply prefer to spend your time doing other things you can use tools like Optimize Press or LeadPages to create your opt-in offers. If you’re a member of Southern Success Society, this will be in next months training  I also teach it in my course Fierce Business Bootcamp.

Want to see a landing page in action? Click Here.

#3 Content Upgrades inside of your blog posts

If you have a blog, you should absolutely be using content upgrades.If you aren’t sure what a content upgrade is, you’ll see one in this post. Notice the turquoise image throughout this post that says ‘Are you ready to start attracting the perfect clients?’…that’s a content upgrade.

By creating upgrades throughout your blog posts that relate to the content you are speaking about, you can get readers to click-through and opt-in. The best part about this, you’re attracting the right audience because you are {hopefully} blogging about a topic related to your business and offering something that is also related to your business (and to the specific topic you are speaking about in that post).

People love content upgrades because more than likely if they are taking the time to actually read your blog post, they are interested in that topic and more than likely also interested in finding out more about it.

Get creative! It’s quite easy to come up with content upgrades for your business. Even if you have a boutique and talk about fashion, you can still have people join your VIP club or something along those lines to sign up for a discount code. Just remember the juicier the upgrade sounds or is, the more people will want to click it and sign up.

Extra Tip: Don’t let them down! Now that they’ve clicked through and signed up for your amazing opt-in offer, give them something that will WOW them. Give them more than you promised and keep giving! This is how you’ll go from attracting clients to actually having clients!

See content upgrade below.

#4 Pop Up Optin Box

This is a touchy one! Some people love pop-ups and some people hate them. I’ve found that they are actually not that bad and they convert pretty well.

The key is finding the right pop-up that doesn’t just annoy the crap out of the reader every 5 seconds. There are plenty of different options to choose from for both WordPress and even Shopify but, finding one that will pop-up once and go away once the reader has either opt-ed in clicked out of it, should be your top priority.

I’ve seen websites that have pop-ups that will continually pop-up over and over again. That is how you turn people off of your website. Having one that is considered a smart pop-up is better.

A smart pop-up makes note of the website visitor and can go into hibernation for the next 5-30 days that the same reader visits your website. This smart feature keeps readers from getting annoyed when they are on your website…which is always a good thing.

There are different types of pop-up boxes. Some will pop-up within the first few seconds or minutes that a reader is on your site and some will pop-up once the reader has clicked the ‘x’, which asks the reader if they want to sign up for your offer before they leave.

Each industry and individual website is different so I suggest you test out which type of pop-up works best for your business, if any. With anything, it’s best to find out what your readers want and respond to best so some of these options make work amazing for your business and some might not work at all.

#5 Have a giveaway

This is one of the best ways to grow your list! It’s also one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses all over Facebook making every single day! If you’re going to have a Giveaway make sure that you get more out of it than just a few hours or days of increased engagement.

If you’re going to have a giveaway do it in a way that benefits you the most. I mean, this is your business after all!

When having a Giveaway the first thing you want to do is make sure that you are giving away something that is related to your industry and something that your readers and potential clients would be interested in.

The second thing you want to do is make sure that you have them sign up for your list in order to be entered into the Giveaway. This is where people usually go wrong and they end up with a few days of increased social media activity that quickly dies and dries up.

Sure, some of the people who sign up may just want something for free and might hit unsubscribe the minute that the winner is announced but, if done correctly you can entice them to not only stick around for a while but to also become one of your clients.

Used correctly these tips can help skyrocket your list!

What do you think? Did these tips help spark an idea about how you can start building your list today? Which ones do you think you’ll implement into your business?






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