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Monthly Recap for September 2016

Monthly Recap for September 2016

Happy Fall! I can’t believe the Holidays are right around the corner already. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? It also flies when you are preparing for a launch!

This month has been so exciting as I’ve been gearing up to launch my membership group Southern Success Society. This will be the first big launch for SSS and even though you don’t really see what goes on behind the scenes of my business…it’s safe to say it’s been a little crazy! Someone please tell me that I’m not the only one that decides to take on complete remodels of their website, new projects, and get ready for a launch all at the same time. Oh, and then gets Strep Throat and a touch of Bronchitis too…like I said, it’s been a little crazy.

Speaking of Southern Success Society, the launch is literally right around the corner and you want to be on the waiting list before the doors blow open {hint, hint}. If you want to join the waiting list or you’re just wondering what the heck SSS is all about, click the image below and you can find out more.

In case you missed it, here is a recap of what all I talked about this month:


Here’s what I’m loving right now:

My Eccolo Journal that I am using for a Gratitude/Prayer Journal right now. >>>>

How to plan your content, revenue goals, + product launch timeline (Yes, I’m already thinking about 2017.) >>>>

This book (Her and I have a very similar story in the beginning. I haven’t finished it yet but, loving it so far.) >>>>

Instagram Hashtags: Where should you put them? (I just implemented this trick a few weeks ago) >>>>

Top 20 Instagram Resources (love these and I am using several already, I’m really focused on Instagram for Sept/October.) >>>>

How to come up with content ideas. (Already thinking about 2017 blog posts!) >>>>

Success is not a sprint (…because it’s not!) >>>>


I hope you had an amazing September. Wishing you all a fabulous fall month ahead! xo, Christy Jo

Oh, and don’t forget to join the SSS waiting list if you you want to know when we launch, but make sure it on it early!












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