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Different types of Facebook Ads & the ones you should be using

Different types of Facebook Ads & the ones you should be using

These days, there are a ton of different Facebook Ads you can run for your business. Not only has Facebook updated the Ads Manager to include new types of Ads. They also purchased Instagram awhile back and now offer Instagram Ads.

While the Ads they have created are all great and help a wide-variety of businesses, you really only ever need to run a few different types.


I know, I Know!!! It can be so confusing trying to figure out which ad works best for your business, which at works best for the result you want, and which ad is going to give you the best return on your investment.

Today, I want to go over the ads I use in my business that keep the decisions easy and cost-friendly!

Page Like Ads

Page like Ads were extremely popular when Ads first started but some things have made these a little more unnecessary unless you fall into a few categories.  Facebook changed their layout so your Page Like Ads show up completely different than they first did years ago. You probably saw Facebook Like Ads quite often in the earlier days! Now, these ads can be great for your business and ad spend or they can be unnecessary, it really depends on your outcome and business.

If you are just starting out and don’t have people on your page, you might want to make sure you are running Like Ads so you can grow your page a lot quicker than you would organically. This is especially important for new businesses who also don’t have an email list, website traffic, or any clients yet!

Like Ads can also help you keep your ad spend down because you can target ‘warm traffic’ by running other types of Ads to people who like your Facebook page.

Now, if you do have a bigger following these ads may not be worth your time and depending on your type of business, could be more expensive than other businesses Like Ads. Plus, when you run ads that have a certain action (website conversion or clicks ads) you end up increasing your Likes anyways because people see your Ad and end up liking your page while your ad is running (win/win).

Again, if you are new to town or just want to grow your page, this is where you should start!

Engagement Ads: Post Engagement

Post Engagement Ads formerly known ad Post Boost Ads use to drive me crazy. My clients would click the boost post button and not really be strategic with setting up the targeting and they would wasted alot of money! Now, I feel like the Ads have transformed a little and people are actually (hopefully) going into the ads manager and setting up ads properly and with intention (which btw is key for any Ad).

I like Post ads because you can not only get engagement for you posts but you can insert a link to your freebie, website, or whatever else you are offering in your text and get clicks with that same ad! Post Engagement ads are great to work alongside a campaign. While, they can be used alone…I feel they work best when you are running a conversion or clicks ad and a post boost ad (although you absolutely don’t need both).

I also feel like it’s important to set up a post engagement ad and test it for your business. Some will do amazing and get a lot of interaction which saves money on conversions but some types of industries do not have as great of results. The best way to know, test, test, and test some more!

Traffic Ads

Traffic Ads were previously called Website Clicks and I have a hard time calling them anything else but ‘Clicks’ ads. Regardless of what you call them, these are great as well and I love running these.

If you are running a campaign that is targeting your website traffic or you just want to increase traffic to your website in general, these are great to do that with and they cost less than a Website Conversion Ad. I love to use these when I want to increase my blog traffic, although you can also use them as a conversion ad by sending traffic to a landing page that has a sign up form or some other type of action you are asking traffic to take.

Website Conversion Ad

This is the ad that I run most in my business! I love them! They truly help me grow my email list. It did take quite a bit of testing in the beginning to figure out the exact interests I should target, age range, etc but now that I’ve figured that out, they run like a well oiled machine.

Now, I have ran Conversion Ads for things other than opt-in forms but I have found that a cold audience does best when warmed up first before throwing any offers to them. Once I’ve warmed that audience up, I will use either another Conversion ad or a Website Clicks ad to get those warm audiences to take action or remind them of something I’ve offered.

If you want to grow your email list, this is where I what I would use.

Engagement: Video Ads

New on the scene (somewhat new anyways) is video ads. These ads are HOT right now! With videos going viral and more people watching videos than reading through a bunch of texts, this is a great ad to run if you’re comfortable doing videos.

A few tips – Facebook has video sound turned off (or you may on your settings too) so make sure you use text on  your videos too so that you can grab the newsfeed strollers attention and get them to take action and listen to your video!

Other Ads

There are a ton of other ads (some new) that you can run. While I don’t need to really run any other ads for my business (hey, why change what’s workin’?), I also don’t have experience running those other types of ads.

Most marketers seem to be using the above listed ads right now. Another type of ad you can run that I don’t use very often is an Instagram Ad. I have not personally had a lot of luck with the two I have ran but, I also do not consider myself an expert in Instagram and utilize Facebook way more.

I’d love to know…what type of Ads are you running or do you have the most success with?



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