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Why you should run Facebook Ads for your business

Why you should run Facebook Ads for your business

Facebook ads are amazing for most people. Not everyone creates an ad and has instant success but, where most people end up disliking ads, is that they throw the towel in right then.

Of course no one wants to waste money! I mean…I could have had a shopping party at Ulta for the money I’ve wasted in ads. No one wants to waste money but, sometimes spending money to test marketing strategies is the best thing you can do for your business.

Just like you might test tv or radio ad strategies, now you’ve got to test Facebook Ad strategies. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make (myself included) is focusing more on making money by jumping in head first and just throwing some ads up.

By focusing on how you can make money and get a return on your investment only, you can end up wasting a lot of money!

There are other things to consider before you even think about submitting your ad!


Planning out your strategy and making a ‘map’ of how you want things to work, can save you a lot of time and money.

I like to take my ad strategy and map it out on paper before I even get started on the computer. By doing this I can look at the beginning interaction potential leads have with my ad and see where they will go throughout the process.

Just throwing an ad up to get people on your site doesn’t help you’re business in the long run if you don’t really have a strategy or a plan to keep those people on your list and interacting with you.

Take some time and plan out what your ad will look like and say, what action they will take, the pages they will land on after they click the ad, and each of the other steps they take through your process. This could be something like a sales funnel, etc.

Strategy ??

Another important piece of your ad is who your ad serves. Keeping your ideal client in mind when creating your ad objective, ad copy, and ad image is absolutely important to the success of your ad.

You can have an amazing Facebook ad but if it isn’t speaking to the people you are targeting, your Ad could fail.

Make sure that you consider your ideal client when writing your copy. You’ll also want to use words that can help them relate to their struggle or pain point that you are solving! By doing this you’ll have more clicks on your ad, which keeps your ad spend down!

Not to mention, when people click your ad or take action, you get more results (more blog traffic, more opt-ins,…Exciting!).

Benefits of Running Ads

Facebook Ads can really help you build your business. When you start running ads that are converting you can really scale your business quickly!

They can help you quickly build your email list, increase your blog traffic, or build your audience and get more interaction.

If you haven’t started running Facebook Ads yet, I encourage you to really start trying! Even if you have ran ads but, didn’t have success…keep going! It does take some time and some testing but once you get it down, you can have amazing results!


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