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You wouldn’t let your livestock roam around brandless… why would you let your business?

You’re a traditional gal with a business vision that’s a bit untraditional.

The only problem is that you business is having a bit of an identity crisis. Things are moving steadily but you don’t even have a website (gasp!). Or maybe you do, but it’s kinda ugly (yup! I said it.)

You’re fixin’ to spread the word and grow even more, but how are you supposed to do that if you don’t even have the pieces you need?
Like….a BRAND!
This is how people recognize you over the next Susie or Sally.
This is what makes you #standoutfromtheherd.

So how will your customers know that YOU are the preferred choice? And even scarier….where will they go to get more info, send you more business, or find you —- if you don’t even have website.

Well, partner! Your next stop is to Brand Your Business! (Great news! You’re already in the perfect place to do that.)

What happens here?

We take your business from blah to branded!

I know that branding and design can be a pain, but I’m here to make it all easy, fun, and most importantly: Right for your Business!

I know that you also want to create a life where instead of having a job you DREAD you have a business you LOVE.

You want to run a business that represents YOU. You want customers who LOVE your products. You know, the ones who are constantly telling their friends about ’em, because they just can’t get enough.

And honey, you can have it.

Seriously, you can!

The good news is this:

That feeling of overwhelm? It’s just a sign that you’re headed for more success.


Hi Y’all! I’m Christy Jo Lightfoot and I’m SO glad you’re here!


About CJ


I believe KNOW that you can grow a business that you LOVE.

How am I so sure? Because I’ve done it myself.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I had a “great” job.

“Great” = Pretty good salary, insurance coverage, vacation days to use.

From the outside looking in, things were pretty peachy. But every day I woke up and dreaded going to work. I hated working my butt off for a company that didn’t appreciate me. I hated the monotony of sitting in my cubicle day after day. And I couldn’t help but think about all the other amazing things I COULD be doing, like the beautiful store I SHOULD be opening.

“GREAT” wasn’t good enough.
So, I quit.

Crazy, right? TO me, it felt crazier to stay in a job that I hated. I knew that I was meant for more, and although I was scared, I knew that if I worked hard, I could create a life I really loved. I decided that my happiness and sense of fulfillment were totally worth a pay cut.

My first business venture was a boutique, and it was wonderful. While putting together my marketing materials, I uncovered a passion for design. I taught myself graphic and web design (yup, coding and all!) and began to work with boutique clients. it was great but HOLY HECK it was stressful! (I mean straight up crying my eyes out over code regularly– not the dream life I was hoping for!)

I was free from my 9-5, but life brought me a whole new set of speed bumps. Between a bad breakup and new business overwhelm, I felt like I was in over my head. I wanted to hide in my closet and never come out.

And what I learned is this –
The darkest moments give us something incredible: the opportunity to truly shine. But it’s up to US to take them! I knew what I had to do to succeed, and I knew that I was ready to reach out and get some help to make it happen.

I enlisted the help of a coach and in the next few weeks I experienced more growth (in business and life) than ever before. I went from making $300/month to $5000/month in a matter of weeks.

I got REALLY good at branding and marketing and was able to use these tools to strengthen my business, so I was no longer wondering where my next $100 would come from. (Hallelujah!) I built relationships with my potential customers. I got SUPER clear on my goals and took strategic action to plow through the overwhelm and start getting results.

It took some work, but I created my dream life.

Now, business is boomin’ and I want yours to be too!

Want to know more about me?! (*SMILES AND WAVES!*)

Christy Jo Lightfoot

  • I’m a true Texas girl. It’s not just a brand, it’s who I am and what I love. Born and bred.
  • My love for marketing is something that I ignored for a while but is still a recurring theme in my life! In college I studied Psychology– it’s all connected!
  • I got married in October (2014) to the love of my life, Lance Lightfoot!
  • I owned my own boutique but realized I enjoyed seeing others success more.
  • I’m really clumsy– Ask me to create a gorgeous brand for your business, come up with a strategic marketing plan, and coach you through your biggest issues- NO PROBLEM. Ask me to go a whole day without tripping over something– PROBLEM. It’s not my fault! It runs in the family! *wink*
  • I taught myself web and graphic design! When people ask, I always say I went to Google University (yup, me and Google 24/7 for MONTHS). Sometimes, you gotta fake it till you make it!
  • I love going to rodeos, hunting, and fishing! (I told you my Texas roots are deep!) BUT, I also love glitter and glam! I’m like a hot pink cowboy boot, with sparkles 😉

The first step to a boomin’ business is believing that you can make it happen. (Because you ABSOLUTELY can.)

The second step is heading over here to see how we can work together. {Giddy up!}






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Christy Jo Lightfoot

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