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Yep, only three seconds to grab the attention of your visitor and turn them into a client.  What your brand, website, and social media are missing could potentially be key pieces in having more clients (hello, more profits!).

The thing is most people (especially DIY’ers) aren’t always too sure what those missing pieces are. That’s why I created the Brand Review!

A custom Brand Review will help you identify any problems your brand and/or website may be missing so that you can make the necessary changes and start attracting clients + converting them.

How it works:

Once you purchase the brand review, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to help me get to know you + your brand better, plus what your biggest struggles are. I’ll also gather important information like your website url, social media pages, etc. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you are added to my calendar and I do a detailed brand review. I’ll go over any problems I find and even tell you what I recommend to fix the problems. I’ll give you suggestions on increasing your brand awareness and help identify how you can specifically stand out from the herd in your industry.

As I go through your social media accounts and website, I’ll video everything so that you can see what I am viewing right along with me. Each video varies between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the number of pages you have (and sometimes how long you’ve been in business).

Once completed I’ll send over a direct link for you to view your video along with a pdf report.

Additionally, you can book a 30-minute consult within two weeks following your brand review to go over any questions you may have and get feedback.

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