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The truth: You’ve been struggling trying to figure this ‘Facebook thing’ out. Heck, you might have even threw in the towel already {Maybe you said Goodbye Facebook, Hello Instagram?}.

When you started building your business you thought it would be a lot easier than it has been.

With all of the changes that Facebook made – it hurt your business. Now, you’re stuck spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do and maybe you just stopped doing anything.

I get it! I’ve been where you are! When I first started my business it was easy to grow a following and my engagement was through the roof. Then things changed! I was so frustrated.

I knew there had to be an answer so I did everything I could to learn how to manage my Facebook page the right way and how I could increase my engagement and still have a thriving business on Facebook (yes, that is still very possible!).

All it really takes is knowing how to make the algorithms and other ‘fancy’ Facebook words like ‘insights’ and ‘audiences’ work to your benefit.

That’s what I’m here to show you today.

This mini-course is made of up four videos that will take you through the steps to make the right changes in your Facebook page.
I’ve also got 2 awesome bonuses for you as well!

Learn how to increase your engagement, brand your page, and use the insights and audience dashboard to your advantage!

This mini-course is sent to you as soon as you purchase it! Meaning you get instant access to the members only area!


With all of the changes we’ve seen with Facebook, you probably know how important it is to build your page the right way and get every bit of free engagement you can. Now that most of business page engagement comes from running ads, free engagement is so valuable!

What’s included:

FOUR videos! These four videos will guide you through the biggest challenges business owners face in creating a business page and getting engagement!

  1. Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page: Why you need to be careful when running a business on your personal page and the best reasons you should use your business page instead!
  2. Branding your page: The important pieces you need that will help you to be viewed as a professional business and some of the ‘free real estate’ pieces people often forget about.
  3. Insights and Audiences: A look into the dashboards to help you narrow in on who you should be targeting and the types of content your audience is responding to.
  4. Creating free Engagement: I’ll teach you the best way to post on your page so that you can increase your engagement and get interaction with potential clients and customers without ever spending a dime!

TWO BONUSES! That’s right, not one but two bonuses to make sure you have everything you need to have a successful Facebook page!

  • Bonus #1: Facebook Post Scheduler
  • Bonus #2 Post Graphic Kit

Once purchased you will receive instructions to access the members only area for this mini-course!

This crash course is perfect for any business such as:

  • Clothing boutiques
  • Network marketing businesses
  • Service based businesses
  • Creatives
  • Product based businesses
  • Anyone wanting to increase engagement on their page!

For just a small investment you get TONS of value!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with this mini-course right way and Increase your Engagement!





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